Thinking Of Breaking Up With A Girl – Tips That Can Help

Breaking up with a girl is not an easy job because you have spent lot of time with her. Girls are more emotional than boys and hence you need to figure out a plan to break up. So, it is your duty that if you are breaking up with a girl then you must do it respectfully and truthfully because it will not harm her that much. There are many things that have to be kept in mind while doing this. If you will say the truth to the girl then she will understand it and will respect your words and the worse can be she will slap you or will use abusing words.

Tips for breaking with girl

You should do this patiently and with cool mind. Most of the times, guys do not know what to do in order to come out of the relationship. If you are also among those boys then here are some tips at your disposal that will help you in breaking up with a girl:

Do not text or call for break up: You should keep one thing in mind that you should never do any message or call for breaking up. You should meet with the girl and then say what you want to. This will enhance your image in front of the girl and the girl will think that you still really care for her.

Start drinking: Another tip that you can use for breaking up with a girl is start drinking. Drink as much as you can in front of her, make yourself embarrassed in front of others and especially in front of her friends. She will not like all these things as girls do not want that their boyfriends to embarrass them. Even you can also blench in key or special moments as it will spoil her mood and you can use this trick several times. So, in this way the girl will herself dumped and you need not to do anything.

Start doing the things that she does not like: You can break up by doing all those things that she does not like such as start flirting with other girls, not listening to what she is saying and many more. This is the most proven way that must be followed for breaking up. Even if you are living in live in relationship then do such things that can annoy her such as start snoring during nights, by not allowing her to come in your room or you can also hide such things that you never hide. This will put a question mark on the rust in the relationship and she will surely think of breaking up with you.

Avoid her: The most proven and useful tip for breaking up with a girl is to start avoiding her. Avoid her as much as you can. Many girls are attention seeker and they want that their boyfriends should pay attention on them. So, this can be the best way of breaking up. Avoid her by not listening to small things or by not paying attention on what she is wearing or do not smile back when she smiles. All these things will indicate the girl that you are no longer interested in her and want to break up with her.

Say directly: It is said that honesty is the best policy so keeping this in mind say everything directly to the girl. You can even give the reason that why you want to break up such as you want focus on studies or you want to build your career first. These words do not sound weird in fact they sound good. This will help the girl in thinking that you are career oriented and want to become something first. Even it will have a positive impact on the girl and it will become easier for you to break up with her. On the other hand she will appreciate your feelings and will not feel bad for break up.

Introduce her with other person: If you want to break up without hurting her, then you can introduce her with your friend or colleague. Try to introduce with such friend who is single and has same areas of interest as that of your partner. One more thing that you can do is to try to build a bond between them and instead of sitting with them stay away from the girl and do something else. But sometimes it is not possible for you to hand your love to someone else. Even you can also arrange parties and can invite both of them and ask her to dance with your friend. This will highlight that you are not interested in the girl now and want to go away from her by giving her a gift.

 Be unattractive: If you are handsome and attractive and the girl was attracted because of your looks only, then start being unattractive as it will lead her down and she will not feel good. Start wearing lose and awful clothes that do not suit you. There are many girls that want their boyfriends to look best but if you will do such things surely she will not like it and will herself dump you.

Stop giving gifts: If your lady love is fond of beautiful flowers and gifts and you give all these things to her then you must stop this activity. The best way is not to give gift even on her birthdays or any special occasions. This will spoil her mood and she will feel very bad. In fact do not even wish her or do a single message. You can also show that you are no longer rich and cannot afford her expensive clothes, shoes and accessories. In you will do these things on her birthdays then she will surely be disappointed by you and will make the best effort to dump you.

So, if you are tired and want to try something new, then you can follow these tips for breaking up with a girl. They are the proven and most effective tips.



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