This Is The Diet Jake Gyllenhaal Used To Get Ripped For Southpaw

When you are an actor you are often in the situation of needing to bulk up extremely fast for different roles. Jake Gyllenhaal seems to have found the secret considering how ripped he appeared in Southpaw. He played the role of an extremely talented boxer and his appearance was absolutely impressive, just like he had been boxing for his whole life.

In order to get the muscles he presented in the movie, Jake followed an insane training that absolutely sculptured his abs. But when you are following an exhausting workout routine, the diet should be the one that completes the whole bulking process and feeding you with the nutrients and vitamins necessary to burn fat and keep you energetic. On top of that, Jake Gyllenhaal Supplements fueled him up to the maximum level of energy in order to make him able to endure the daily training.

“Southpaw was a big challenge for me. The workout routine was absolutely insane, but I knew that I had to follow my trainers' program if I wanted to be successful in this role. Fortunately, the diet was one that I could follow easily and helped me stay energetic for the crazy workouts that I had to do.”

Jake Gyllenhaal diet


Morning Snack:

  • banana with a few dry fruits and nuts and an espresso


  • egg-white omelette


  • baked potato with some tuna and a salad


  • turkey chili with cauliflower rice

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