This is Why Being in Relationship Is Difficult for Obsessive People

Even though less than 5 percent of the adult population has the full-blown condition called Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or OCD, a lot of men and women show some of the features. These individuals have a high propensity to be anxious and always feel compelled to do something to address the anxiety caused by their obsessive behaviors. In reality, people who are obsessive have a hard time to be and remain in a relationship and here’s why:

Uncertainty is the toughest thing is for obsessive people to hold on to. Obsessive individuals always assume that relationships are full of uncertainty, particularly in the beginning. Thoughts like, “Will she like me”, or “Will he find me interesting”, and such are often the things obsessive men and women overly anxious about in relationships. As these questions are subjective, normal folks won’t think about them too much as you can’t either prove or disapprove them. But for obsessive individuals, they will endlessly ponder on any of those issues.

Most of us find relationships comforting and pleasurable, but for obsessive men and women, they can be quite stressful experiences. In fact, most individuals who have full-blown OCD are so afraid of the anxiety that they don’t try to get involved in romantic relationships altogether. People who are diagnosed will OCD has symptoms that are so bad they can’t work in a professional environment or the ability to do basic daily tasks. But these symptoms don’t apply for most people. Most obsessive men and women really want to have relationships, but they find a lot of uncertainty and tension in them. They have a difficult time to trust their partners or obsess if their boyfriend or girlfriend is truly interested or remain faithful to them and so forth.

So, how can you control your obsessive thinking so you can be in a great relationship?

Written Statements

A simple technique to control your obsessive thinking is to write about it in a journal, or a paper or send a text to a friend when you feel obsess about something. Writing your feelings and thoughts on paper will have a calming and lasting effect. The more you write about your feelings, the more you will come to terms with your writings.

Obsess About Something Else

When you get trapped in an obsessive circle, think about something else to distract yourself. Obsess about something productive, if can’t help yourself to obsess about something. Think about where you want to go for your next holiday, or about buying a new painting for your wall, or which gift will be perfect for your friend’s birthday and so on.

Be Consistent

We have already said the only things obsessive people get scared of in uncertainty. Sometimes you may be obsessed about a boyfriend or girlfriend who is fleeting or unpredictable, but you’re obsessing over it because your instincts are saying that this person isn’t a right match for you. If you do meet someone who is good for you and he or she should have to overly consistent with you. If not, your obsessive behavior will get hold of you make your life more frustrating than it is now.

Overall, if you can control your obsessive traits and if you find someone who can be consistent with your condition, then you won’t it harder to find and be in a normal relationship.

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