Is The Thought Of Commitment Terrifying You? Here’s How To Get Over It

When you meet someone you like and care about, do you take steps to make a commitment to them? If you're not in a committed relationship, but want to be in one, then make a commitment to yourself to understand why you’re not in one.

Many reasons are keeping people away from committing to a relationship. Here are the seven top ones:

1. I Am Afraid That I Might Choose The Wrong Person
Some people don’t want to fully commit to the other person in the relationship because they don’t know if they love this person. These men and women always think there is someone better than them around the corner. They believe that the person they’re dating isn’t being fully open and honest with them and that their partners may be hiding a big secret from them. Also, they’re anxious that their boyfriends or girlfriends might be manipulating them for sex, money, citizenship, etc.

2. I Am Afraid I Will Lose My Freedom
Some people think if they’re in a committed relationship, they may lose their freedom and do things that they like doing and enjoy. It can be giving up something important, like hanging out with my girlfriends or playing golf or drinking with my buddies. If this happens, it’s highly likely that the relationship will become unfulfilling and stifle.

3. My Partner Could Leave Me Anytime
Some people think it’s better for them not to be in an exclusive, committed relationship because they would become devastated if they person they loved so much so sincerely decide to abandon them. They feel so afraid and vulnerable about it that they don’t even risk it.

4. The Relationship Might Get Boring
This is one of the major reasons why some people who like to be in casual relationships than committed relationships. They think that at some point he or she I get bored with this relationship because nothing new or exciting is happening in it. Instead, they’re looking for more variety in many relationships that one committed relationship can’t provide.

5. I Might Lose My Identity And Sense Of Self
Most people think that if they’re in a committed relationship they can never be happy because they’ll always have to try to please their partners, keep compromising and ignore or neglect their own needs. They think they’ll lose a sense of themselves and their identity as they’ll become the person their boyfriends or girlfriends wants them to be, and no room for their personalities.

6. Committed Relationships Take Too Much Work
Some folks have little interest in committed relationships because they think that they’ll need to spend hours working things out in this relationship, and they’ll be too busy and exhausted after dealing with everything. So, they just prefer to be just alone and not be responsible for so many things.

7. I Am Afraid That My Life Will Get Stuck
What will happen to me if the relationship doesn’t work out? What will happen to me if the relationship ends and we have kids and mortgage? I will be guilty, miserable and feel trapped. These are some of the fears that resonate with people who don’t like the idea of being in an exclusive, committed relationship.

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