Three Big Things That Are Major Turnoffs for Men

When it comes to men there are some things women can do to turn on and turn off – men they’re interested in. Most men are looking for companionship and love from the women they love. So, the key to making you love and adore is to understand them better, so both of you can have a happy and lasting relationship.

Turnoff # 1: Expecting your man to pay for everything

Do you think it’s reasonable for a man to foot the bill on your first date? Did you ever wonder how it will be if both of you split the bill? Often, most men pay for the first date, and some are even happy to pay for it. Meanwhile, there are some who think that why should they pay for the whole thing, when his date is capable of paying for herself. It can make some men resentful that women have turned them into financial providers automatically, even though they can hardly remember each other’s full names. Always offer to pay yourself on a date. Most men are happy to pay while on a date with a woman, but he will appreciate you if you split the bill.

Turnoff # 2: Discussing love, marriage, and children way too soon

We get it when women can resist the urge to tell a man that they’ve just started dating that they want to get married, have kids, start a family and so on. But, what most women forget that this type of life plans can overwhelm a man. Men get turned off if they assume that you’re desperate to get married and have children. Just like women, men too would like to know more about you and trust you, before they’re interested in talking about your plans. To make this right, it okay to the first date if you tell a man that you’re looking for a relationship. But wait for few weeks to tell about your future life plans like marriage, kids, etc.

Turnoff # 3: Teasing men to get intimate with women

Traditional stereotypes say that men crave sex more than women. But this isn’t true always. While dating, men normally get frustrated, feeling that the woman they’re dating doesn't want to have sex with them. It’s not that women are disinterested in sex, but women enjoy playing games to get and make their man work for it. It is a total turn off for most men and makes them lose interest in the woman they’re dating. It's because they think that women are using sex – something like a finishing move. To make this right, tell your guy that you want to wait for sex and say why. It's fine for you to tell your man you're dating that you don’t get physically intimate so soon.

Overall, most guys are looking for love and companionship in a relationship. Also, they’re also looking for someone who cares and pay attention to their thoughts and feelings. If a man is interested in you, he’ll understand your desire for sex and know how to attract you. Remember the above turnoffs when you're on a date with a man and see how your date turns into a successful relationship!

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