Three Communication Secrets to Keep Him Interested In You

When you’re in a relationship, you may have stumbled on a situation where you're giving in more than your fair share than your man, and you’re happy about it. You’re now thinking to take action and convince him to contribute more in the relationship. Well, most women act that way, and results aren’t encouraging. Most men will resist your efforts, and it is human nature. You see convincing a man is a huge turn-off and he thinks that you’re forcing him to invest in the relationship and his opinions matter less.

So, how do you want your partner to put more effort in the relationship? The key here is communication. Here are three communication secrets that will help your man start putting more time and effort in the relationship:

Secret #1: Listen To Your Man

If you want your man to respect your feelings and wants, he needs to feel while sharing his true feelings with you. And the perfect way to show that is to be genuinely interested in what he has to say. Men are just like women –need to be heard and respected for who they really are. When men realize that their partners aren’t paying attention or interested of what they feel and need, then they get disowned. Try to understand his own reasons for feelings, negotiate and try to reach an agreement that is pleasing for both of you. This type of communication makes a man very comfortable and confident and makes him respond with great care, thought and honesty.

Secret #2: Stop the Criticism

This advice is absolutely crucial if you want to have a meaningful and long-lasting relationship with a man. Men don’t respond well when they feel criticized in a relationship. This is a common mistake most women make; they often think that if they criticize their boyfriend or husband, they will put some extra effort to make the relationship better. Women often complain, “Their boyfriend is lazy,” or “He’s not romantic anymore.” The result is, criticism, even if it’s subtle, will convince your man to distance himself from you and he begins to think that a relationship is a negative place he needs to stay away for him be appreciated.

Secret #3: Appreciate His Thoughts and Actions

All men want to be respected and appraised for their ideas and actions, and the best way to communicate this is to appreciate them. If your man makes you happy, tell him about it and thank him. Enjoy all the things; whether it’s small or big, that gives you joy. Show him how he makes your life exciting and happy, instead of the stuff that bothers you. Don’t let him think that your appreciation isn’t real, rather express it from your heart and be honest about it. This will encourage him, and he will be inclined to keep doing it more. If you don’t appreciate your man of the things that makes your life happy and positive, his attraction towards you diminishes, and it makes him difficult to be in a relationship with you.

Appreciation and being grateful is the fuel that fires a man’s compassion and love towards you and makes him never to leave your side. Show appreciate you man more, listen, communicate and empathize his feelings and need, and you will notice you husband or boyfriend putting more effort and commitment in your relationship with an open heart.

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