Three Main Differences Between Men and Women in Relationships

Understanding the unique needs of men and women has always been a subject of fascination and debates, especially when it comes to dating and relationships. The truth is, both men and women have the same basic needs – to be noticed, to be loved and to fulfill a purpose in a relationship. It’s not about the needs that are different; it’s about what men and women do to get those needs met that make a difference.

1. The need to be noticed

Both men and women equally need to feel noticed, but each want a different way to meet it. When men have a bad day, they want their girlfriend to see that they’re sad. Usually, men will talk about it for a few minutes, and then they will move on without talking about their feelings further. Women are more emotional and verbally expressive than men. If something goes wrong, women often come home and talk about it in detail with their partner. The need to be noticed is the foundation of any relationship. When people feel they’re neglected, they could become angry, confused, depressed, and in the worst case scenario may cheat on their partners.

2. The need to be loved

Men and women equally need to be cared for and loved. Though, men and women express their love differently. For instance, most men don’t like to openly talk about how they show their affection towards their girlfriend. But, many women like to express how much they care and love their boyfriends openly. Women must understand that men like to show their love to their partners through actions, instead of words. A man showing his love to his partner will take her on a romantic trip, give her a beautiful present, or take her to a nice restaurant. Most men believe that love should be expressed through actions.

3. The need to have a purpose in the relationship

If two people in a relationship are to be happy, then each partner must feel needed and appreciated. They should feel that they have an important function or purpose in the relationship and their efforts and sacrifices should be acknowledged and appreciated by their partner. If that doesn’t happen, and there aren't any attempts to make it happen, then they’ll often begin to feel disappointed, empty and defeated. Often, men and women differ when it comes to relationship roles. Traditionally, men have been identified as providers (financially), coaches, leaders, handymen, and so forth. On the other hand, women usually are nurturers, manage the home and kids, plan events, and organize the family or couple’s social life. Due to these differences, it is crucial for all men and women to understand their unique roles and purpose in the relationship, and to appreciate and respect the unique roles of their respective partners.

Overall, men and women are more similar to each other than different, which is why most couples are happy and feel fulfilled in their relationships. The more aware and respectful men and women are to each others roles and purposes, the better the relationship will be in the days to come.

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