Three Secrets to Stay Happily Married

With almost half of all the marriages ending in divorce, happily, married couples have turned out to be an endangered species these days. Most of these marriages were blissful at the beginning, so what happened? Before you thinking about it, how can you prevent your marriage ending up in a divorce?

It isn’t very hard to find out why makes a relationship and what ends it. Here are three secrets to help you finding out how to nurture your marriage and create a relationship so strong and blissfully happy that will make your friends and neighbors jealous.

Invest In Your Marriage

Romance is like exercise; it’s cumulative. If you show a little compassion and love in your partners every day, the results will pay off hugely at the end. If you're planning to spend time together with your partner without any distractions, you may not be able to go for a long, romantic escapade every other weekend. But you can show a small amount of compassion, appreciation, and affection daily, and that little effort will pay off. For example, when your husband calls you in the office, stop everything you’re doing, and spare just like 2-3 minutes and talk to him. Tell him what you’re doing, how was his day, talk about things he likes, and everything that matters to you and him.

Be Cautious about “Ill” Affects of Social Media

Beware of the ill effects of social media website like Facebook, as some these element can create havoc in your married life. Avoid checking your exes’ profiles, and sending them online messages. Avoid calling your previous partners or send them messages, even if your spouse isn’t around. We would say that you’re crossing the line when you call or text your exes when your partners aren’t in front of you or contact them in secret. There is little harm in keeping in touch with your ex-partners after both parties have moved on, but we recommend you talk with your current partner and ask them if it’s okay to do so. If your spouse says no or is uncomfortable with it, then leave it.

Sometimes we can get infatuated with our past partners or friends online, but keep in mind that infatuation is temporary and doesn’t have anything to do to have a meaningful and long-lasting relationship. Infatuation can develop and can end in a single day. Facebook and other social media sites can artificially harm the intimacy of your marriage and relationship.

Greet and Show Affection to Your Spouse Every day

To be happy in your marriage, think more like your family dog. No one is more joyous that our dogs when we return home or walk out of our homes. When your spouse comes home, do the same thing. Stop doing all the work for a moment and greet him or her home. Look at your husband or wife’s eyes and say that you love him or her. This small gesture that will grant big rewards over the years. Even if it’s for a few moments, taking some time off and focusing on your spouse, can foster trust and intimacy in your marriage.

The takeaway here is to have a happy and everlasting marriage you have to spare some effort, even if it’s a small one. These small, intimate and romantic gestures will cumulate over time and make you live happily married forever.

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