Tips To Make Your First Move During High School

High school is a stage from where you start developing your mind towards the girls, their likes/ dislikes, qualities etc. Even many of you dream to sleep with a girl because of the hormonal changes. But, sleeping with a person of your choice is not always easy as numerous things have to be kept in mind especially, when you are of shy nature. There are several things on which you need to work out in order to enhance your chances of getting a girl and impressing her to sleep with you.

Following are the few tips on getting laid in high school:

  • Join social club: If you are interested in sleeping with someone then you must join social clubs as they organize various type of parties and throw various social events in which many girls and boys participate. So, if you will join this club it will increase your chances of getting in contact with someone of your choice. With the help of these social clubs you can get someone who matches your compatibility, likes, dislikes and places of interest.
  • Good looking: If you are good looking then your chances of getting laid with someone increase as most of the girls want a boyfriend who is handsome, good looking and charming. If you have such a personality you can easily attract a girl and sleep with her. Your personality and your looks matter a lot for any girl especially, when you are in high school as at this period of time your mind does not work properly, lot of confusions come in your mind, you are not able to decide that whom you like the most or what is right and wrong for you.
  • You should look clean: High school is a stage when no one cares about their looks. But, it is necessary for you to look clean and tidy if you want to lay down with someone. Girls do not like those persons who remain unhygienic. This is one of the most important tip on getting laid in high school. Along with proper hygiene, girls also want that their boyfriends should smell good they should not stink because if you or your clothes will stink no girl will get ready to sleep with you, even no girl will come near you.
  • Be helpful: Girls usually like those guys who are of helpful nature, means they are ready to help at any of point time. It also helps the girls in checking whether the guy is loyal to them or not or if he is playing with their sentiments and nature. So, it is very important to help girls as it will build a good and strong image in front of the girls and especially in front of her friends because girls share each and every thing with their best friends.
  • Make mutual friendship: Making mutual friendship also helps you in impressing the girl of your choice because, every girl wants to have such a person with whom she can share her feelings or with whom they can share their secrets etc. Mutual friendship is somehow different, as in a mutual friendship lot of trust and willingness is required which all boys cannot bear. If you are really interested in that girl then you must have mutual friendship with her so, that you can stand with her during any difficult time and can support her. So, making mutual friendship with the girls is also among the good tips on getting laid in high school.
  • Approach her appropriately: As you are not too big in your high school, so it is necessary for you to approach the girl appropriately because you will find that you are interested in many girls at a single point of time. So, it is your responsibility that you should approach such a girl that matches your compatibility and with whom you really want to sleep because if you will break the trust of a girl, then no girl will ever believe in you again.
  • Start flirting: If you are really interested in girl then start flirting with her. Do not become super strong but do it slowly and deliberately so that the girl can understand your gestures and start signaling you also. But it has to be kept in mind that you should start flirting with her after your friendship is properly established. If you will do flirting before friendship then it will become difficult for you and may be your friendship will also be finished. So, flirting is also one of the good tips on getting laid in high school.
  • Take her out: Once if, you have decided that this is the only girl with whom you want to remain in relationship then, you should take her out for a date. You can go for a walk on beach or you can go for dinner date or you can take her out for a cup of coffee. You can also take her out to an isolated place which is away from all friends and relatives. There you can also make you first move towards your relationship by kissing the girl if she is ready.
  • Be prepared for bad things also: Although, many times you know that what is good or bad for your relationship. You should always remain prepared for worst conditions like hearing yes or no or if she says that she has some other plans or cannot go with you. In such cases, do not show your disappointment, just remain what you are, act smart in front of the girl and remain confident. Make sure that you do not beg her for the time or ask her for the date as it will look creepy and will create negate image in front of the girl and her friends. Suppose, if she says yes then ask her phone number in a proper and nice manner and also ask her for date if she is also interested in you.

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