Are You Tired and Depressed of Waiting for Love?

There’s a very thought provoking quote about patience that says, “Infinite patience produces immediate results.”

Let’s admit it; we are impatient by nature. Waiting for something we want and not having that, is painful and frustrating. If you’re looking for love, one of hardest qualities you need to nurture as a single man or a woman is patience. Whether if you’re waiting to get that promotion, or waiting for the red light to turn green or waiting for the right person to be your partner, waiting for anything is always stressful.

Most of us have faced the scenarios where our friends and family members tell us to stop worrying and just be patient after knowing our single status. Some of us probably snapped and screamed at them and tell that we’ve been waiting and been patient for a long time, and still we aren’t in a relationship. Soon we understand that we were blaming and cursing ourselves for being single and that thought has made us even more upset.

For most men and women being patient and waiting for love was straightforward; annoying and seemed impossible. But as they get mature, they realize that they need to change their attitude and stop being impatient for love. Over time they begin to appreciate the blessings each day brings in their life and to believe that one day their soul mate will show up. It’s depressing and painful to wait for something you don't have persistently. Most people have passed hours, days, weeks and even months of their lives that they will never have back waiting for something they always wanted. It’s time to learn patience.

Patience is all about letting go of the results and believing that everything will eventually work out. You won’t speed up the process if you keep worrying and fussing all the time. Trusting and holding the confidence that someday a woman or a man who is perfect for you will come in your life at the right place and the right time is the key here. This might be hard to appreciate especially for those single men and women who has been patient for a long time to find the right partner, but this statement invokes an inner sense of the truth within you. It’s discerning, but if you can master it, the results are tremendous.

We would have a much better and peaceful world if mastering patience was simple. In that case, almost all anger and animosity between people and the nations would have been erased. Ultimately, it’s only you who have the full control over yourself. So, if you start practicing patience while waiting for a relationship with someone, you will feel and see the outcome. We can fully assure you that you’ll be more content and happier to receive and feel the gift of love when it’s handed to you.

Rushing to fall in love with someone who isn’t right for you will be detrimental to your relationship. Just because you hate being alone isn’t an excuse to be in an unhappy relationship where you can’t be happy or fulfill the needs of your partner. So, be patient for your quest to find the right person.

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