Top Five Reasons You Are Not In a Relationship

Some people can’t just stop making excuses why they’re single. Some of the reasons may seem pretty wild, but most of them are mostly baseless. If you’re one of men and women who continually make up reasons why they aren’t in a relationship, then you’re blaming the wrong factors for you being single. Most singles only resort to reasons of their singleness to the ones they can control.

Here are top five reason singles say they’re not in a relationship:

1. I can’t find anyone to date

Let’s admit it; sometimes it can be hard to meet someone we like. But for many men and women, it’s not the numbers that are keeping them single; it’s their excuses. Be open and keep meeting people and date them. You’ll find someone you like eventually.

2. The good ones are already married

This statement isn’t true at all. Think for second about what places you’re visiting and who you’re socializing. If you want to meet someone you need go to places and events where single people congregate. The more people you meet and socialize, the higher chance of you meeting your future partner.

3. I will date only after I lose weight

Most people especially women, blaming their weight for being single. So, what you’ve gained a few pounds over the last few months, but that shouldn’t stop you from seeking love. It’s way too simple to excuse yourself from the dating scene because you’re depressed with your weight. Besides, what are the chances that you’ll love your body after you lose weight or you’ll be ready to date someone after losing weight? Don’t set high standards when it comes to your physical appearance and body. Keep in mind that you’ll be able to find love and have a romantic relationship regardless if you’re lighter or heavier.

4. I’m just too busy with work life

Unless you’re raising a bunch of toddlers, doing night shifts, sleeping in a new city every night – you have time to date. You might be uncomfortable putting yourself out there in the dating scene, but stop making excuses that you don’t have time to date. Remember, if you keep making an excuse you’ll never achieve your goals. It’s understandable that you can’t go on two or three dates every week, but you can manage a few hours one day a week. Besides, time management is important if you’re busy, so try to find out you can get more things done by utilizing your time efficiently.

5. I only meet people I like on vacation

If you think that you only date people when taking a holiday in some place, other than the city or area you reside in, it indicates that you’re unsure of if you want to commit in a relationship and settle down. Men and women who want to date someone other than the area they live in have some pretty valid reasons like they’re still hurt from their previous relationship, they get bored easily, or they’re still not sure if they want to have a relationship with someone they like.

If you want to have a happy and committed relationship, you should be honest about it. Start by setting up small goals that will help you to meet someone, like joining a new gym, taking art or cooking classes, volunteering for a good cause, etc. Activities like these will enable you to meet people and socialize, get you out of your comfort and in the process help you to meet your future partner.

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