Top Questions You Should Ask Yourself After A Breakup

The breakup is one of the saddest parts of someone’s life that can change an entire world of happiness to frustration and bleakness.

However, clearing up the confusions that are killing you is probably the best way to bring you some inner peace. Ask questions to yourself and think about them to find out the appropriate answers. Here are 6 questions that you should ask yourself when things are jamming up in your head and causing extreme mental disruptions-

1. Why did this breakup happen?
Finding the right answer to this question might weight off from your shoulder which had been pressed for a long. If you remain shocked thinking of why this happened to you, it will do nothing but stop you start a new life. Use your conscience to get the most rational answers. In this way, you can get a clear answer to this question.

2. Did I fully understand him/her properly?
Mutual understanding breeds mutual respect which keeps your relationship alive and going. Misunderstanding and complaining are certainly going to end up in a bad break up sooner or later. So, ask yourself if you understood your partner correctly. If the answer is negative, don’t hold onto your regrets. It was inevitable.

3. What did I expect out of that relationship?
The real life is no movie where the hero and heroine live happily ever after. Life goes through a lot of ups and downs. When someone lives in a romantic relationship, his/her expectations might go beyond reality. They daydream and expect to fulfill all of their wishes. Analyzing your expectations and the possibilities towards their fulfillment can hold a logical explanation of your breakup.

4. Did I give my 100% to my partner?
Maintaining a healthy relationship requires full dedication from both you and your partner. So, even if it’s true that your partner did not put enough efforts to save the relationship, don’t forget to turn the question mark to yourself. Be honest with the truth and admit your lacking that could have led it to the breakup!

5. Who changed and why?
You probably remember those early days of your relationship when everything seemed heavenly with your partner. If the charm that used to make you spellbound doesn’t attract you anymore, there must have been something wrong. Find out why things are not as they used to be. Why you or your partner have changed that aided the breakup.

If the toll is on you, you must suffer the consequences. But if it’s your partner’s fault, you should be happy that you’ve lost someone who was not right for you.

6. What are my plans for myself?

Since you’ve gone through a lot to endure the pain of the breakup, you should ask yourself about the next move. Make some realistic plans to restart your life and take corrective actions to turn into a better version of yourself. If you are still unsure about the reasons of Breakup, Why You can’t get a girlfriend blog post will help you get the answer.

The best thing about these questions is not only eliminating your confusions but also ensuring your personal growth. It eventually makes you a better human being with a great maturity level.

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