Tough Choices: 3 Times It’s Okay To Still Talk To Your Friend’s Ex

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There are so many difficult dilemmas when it comes to friendship and relationships. The intersection of the two can really lead to some tricky situations! One of the hardest problems to solve is deciding if you should still talk to your friend's ex after they breakup. Some friends see this as betraying them and feel that you should never communicate with their ex. However, we feel that there are some scenarios in which it is totally okay to still talk to your friend's ex. We're explaining those circumstances below:

1. You Were Friends With The Ex Before the Relationship

Let's say you were the one who set your friend up with the ex in question…because that ex was also a friend of yours. If you were friends with this person before their relationship with your other friend, then it's totally okay to stay friends with them now. You shouldn't have to choose between two friends just because their relationship didn't work out.

2. You Work With the Ex

This is a very specific, rare circumstance, but what if your friend's ex is one of your coworkers? You can't just ignore a coworker because they happen to be your friend's ex. If you want to keep things civil at your workplace, you'll have to stay friendly with this person regardless of what happened in their relationship with your friend.

3. You Became Friends With the Ex During the Relationship

Some people might argue with this idea, but we think that if you became friends with your friend's ex during their relationship, then you should be able to stay friends. We're not talking “Hi/Bye acquaintances.” We're talking about a meaningful friendship. If you developed a substantial friendship with this person, you should be able to stay friends with them in spite of whatever happened in the relationship.

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