Travel Troubles: Should You Take Your Partner On A Family Vacation?

While there are endless tricky situations that you'll encounter as a couple, one of the hardest ones is this: Do you take your partner on your family vacation? Is it appropriate to take a significant other on a vacation with your parents and siblings? We're discussing it below!

As far as we're concerned, the decision to bring your partner on a family vacation depends on one thing: How long have you been together? If this is a relatively new partner, as in you've only been dating for one to three months, then no. We understand that you want to make memories with your significant other, but when the relationship is still in these early stages, there's no way of knowing if it's going to last. Do you want to take this person on your family vacation only to break up with them a month later? It's pretty awkward having the evidence of your short-lived relationship in your family's vacation photos and videos.

Now, on the flipside, if you've been with your significant other for longer than three months, bring them along! At this point, the relationship should have reached a serious enough level for your partner to be considered part of the family and welcome on vacations. Your relationship is also more likely to last if you've made it to the three-month milestone. This means that taking your partner on a family vacation will lead to lasting memories you can look back on when you're still together years from now.

With that said, before your bring anyone on a family vacation, check with your family first! You want to make sure that any and all guests are welcome on the trip!

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