Is It True That Dating People With A Cheating Past Will Cheat Again?

You’ve probably heard this many times, “if he cheated once, he would cheat again.” When it comes to generalizations, few dispute it. If a person cheats on his or her partner, will they repeat it? In short, usually, individuals will cheat again unless they suffered severe consequences for their behavior.

Cheating individuals who faced significant repercussions can learn from their wrongdoing

For most men and women, being monogamous is of top most priority in their relationships. If a partner commits infidelity, the cheater will only change their behavior only if their partner breaks up with them or get divorced. Some take a long-term hiatus from their relationship. Due to the breakup or the end of the relationship, the cheater feels guilty, embarrassed, self-atonement, and engulfs in despair and sadness. It’s explicitly for this experience that the cheater takes a second look at his or her behavior, and realizes its cost and effect on their lives.

Cheaters who skipped serious consequences will cheat again

If a cheater didn’t face any dire consequences, why would he stop doing it again? If a cheater weren't punished mentally for their actions, he or she would never understand the reason that made him or her unfaithful in the first place. Therefore, they will keep on cheating. It’s also crucial to know what motivated an individual to be unfaithful and risk their relationships and marriage. After all, if you ask a person, why they cheated, they’ll most likely tell whether they’ll do it again.

If you happen to date an individual who has a cheating record, ask questions about it

Ask your date what are the reason that compelled him to cheat. In the majority of the cases, it’s because of anger, boredom, resentment, neglect and loneliness. Let’s be clear; cheaters aren’t bad. People start their relationships with the best intentions, but they realize at later stages in the relationship, that some of their emotional needs aren’t being fulfilled. So, they try to meet that by having affairs with other people. Besides, it’s also necessary to ask the cheating person how their ex-partners treated them after the cheating scandal. The person won’t give you the exact details, but it will help to know more about that person, and your current date also gets an opportunity to share their side of the story.

Handle the situation if you start feeling that your date will compel to cheat on you

Ask your current date with a cheating past, whether he will cheat on you if they ever feel unhappy or resentful over you. Don’t get satisfied if he replied in one sentence, that he wouldn't do it again. Instead, hold him accountable for his actions and verbal contract – not to cheat. Also, suggest him to handle his feelings in a way that won’t take him to the same path. Don’t let go of your current date quickly. Ask questions, but don’t ask too many questions.

Overall, if you’re currently dating someone, ask questions regarding his cheating past if he has cheated in his previous relationship. Don’t jump to conclusions quickly. Take some time thinking about his answers, rely on your instincts, and then decide whether you trust him that he won’t be unfaithful to you in the future.

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