Is It True Girls Aren’t Attracted to Nice Guys?

You probably heard this many times – “nice guys always finish last.” But, does it make any real sense? Why is it that folks say that girls like someone who caters to their every need, but eventually they end up with a bad guy? The nice guys don’t have a chance it seems. So, do nice guys always end up last? Does this apply to nice women too?

A recent research has been done to examine a person’s responsiveness to the needs and feelings of others, and the level of initial attraction one felt towards that individual. The study revealed that the responsive potential partner was more sexually desirable and attractive than the unresponsive partner. Now, when the comparison was made between the attraction levels and the responsiveness of both men and women, the outcome was entirely different. The researchers found out that men were more sexually attracted to responsive potential partners. On the flipside, women were sexually less attracted to responsive potential partners. Therefore, this study easily refutes the stereotypical not that women aren’t always more sexually attracted to bad guys!

So, the question is what you can learn from these findings regarding your dating life?

For Men It’s an excellent quality that they’re sensitive to a woman’s feelings and needs, and think of themselves as good guys. Keep working on that and be better at it. But, remember that don’t show this sensitive side of yours during the initial days of dating. Women would like to be their partners, but they won’t be sexually attracted to you initially. Some women may assume that you're sweet and kind to them so that you can be physically or sexually intimate with them. It can make you look needy and desperate, and it’s a big turn-off for most women. Instead, be patient and show them how attentive and appreciative you’re to their feelings and needs.

For Women Be kind and don’t be rude to guys, and make sure what you say shows off your kindness. A man responds differently to kindness and responsiveness than a woman. When you’re kind and responsive to man’s needs and feelings, men took it as an indication that you’re sexually attracted to them and wanted to sleep with them. It can put off some men, but if you show and mean how responsive and supportive you’re to them, they’ll certainly change their opinions and thoughts about you.

Whether you’re dating someone new or trying to get back with your ex-girlfriend, every couple hopes that their relationship will eventually result in a long-lasting marriage. Plenty of studies has been conducted that showed that men and women who are dating or relationships, and who are more responsive to each other are highly active and satisfied in their love life. Attending to one’s needs and feelings is no doubt one of the most important factors in a relationship. It is something every couple should strive to be perfect and improve, and be able to do it for someone, which will help single men and women to attract more potential partners.

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