These Are The Types Of Women, Men Really Want!

Rampant lies are being told about what men really want in their relationships and what kind women or wife they like to have in their lives. Some of these lies are son bogus that we decided to do something about it. The reality is that most guys are more capable if intimacy and being emotional agile that what our culture and society tend to believe. Our society has instilled fear in us, and it is this fear that has made ourselves feel insecure being around men and expressing our needs.

Here are few lies about men and relationships that aren’t true:

Lie #1: Men only like women who behave and looks like them

This statement might have some weight in school or college, but in real life, mature and grown up men love women who are feminine. They want to feel like they want to at their best to impress a woman. Men are weak towards women who push them to become a better person. And only elegant, classy and confident women can make this happen in a man.

ie #2. Men dislike emotional women

We all have seen in popular culture how men get annoyed when women become emotional. We also know that emotional women are often labeled as crazy and irritating. The truth is men don’t hate emotional women; they just dislike when a woman can’t communicate her feelings in safe and direct in which he can understand and relate to it. It’s the crying and screaming of an emotional woman; a man doesn’t want to see. Remember, effective communication is the key to having a successful and long-lasting relationship.

Lie #3: Men only want things they can’t get

This is another false stereotype about men looking for a relationship. A man who is mature and committed want to have a relationship with a woman so that he can have a family. That’s why he was chasing you to get to know more about you, not your skirt. Only immature and irresponsible men only want things they can’t have.

Lie #4: Men like mysterious women

This lie is by far one of the biggest misinterpretations when it comes to men and relationships. In fact, men don’t like women who keep them in the dark. Men hate wondering who you really and what you were really doing when you told them that you’re busy or unavailable. A man doesn’t like to feel insecure in front of a woman. You will fail to attract a man or make him interested in falling in love with you if you keep him guessing. It’s the allure and the mystique of femininity that men love and craves for all the time.

Lie #5: Men don’t want to date smart, funny women

Lots of lies have been told about men where it’s said that men can’t stand a lady who is intelligent and funny. It’s the jokes that are raunchy and nasty jokes that most men hate, even worse if it’s being told by a woman. All a man want is to be with a woman whom he feels emotionally secure with and has a good time with her.

The bottom line is a man only wants to date a woman whom he thinks is worthy to have a relationship with and a family. It’s all depends on you. If you respect and value yourself, be polite and demand to be at his best, a great guy will bet his life to please and be with you.

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