Ultimate Workout Routine For Alpha Male: Boost Your Testosterone, Muscles And Self Esteem

Testosterone is the main hormone for us, men. It has a huge effect in the body and it is something that makes us strong and powerful. A bad thing is the fact that the levels of this hormone are dropping as we speak. Don’t just think that the levels will be lower when you are 60 years old, they are probably already low! A study determined that men have 20% lower level of testosterone than they had it 2 decades ago. 1 in 4 guys have significantly low levels.

Testosterone is mandatory if you want to be an alpha male. Maybe you don’t want to admit, but looking better than a friend next to you is something we all want. In addition, an alpha male has self confidence, he is smart and he dominates in a group. Now, you can improve your alpha-skills and it is simpler than you may believe. Workout routine for alpha male is the answer to your prayers and it should start right now.

Workout Basics

The main goal of the workout in question is to increase the number of repetitions in a single session, without increasing its duration. In essence, you will exercise harder, reduce the resting time and benefit from it.

The first results are seen in just 4 weeks, and they are stunning. As an individual, you are going to look much better, feel more powerful and boost your testosterone levels. You already know that testosterone is increasing when exercising, especially when you hit large muscle groups.

The aforementioned results are connected to the overall appearance, better-looking muscles, you will be stronger and you will be more satisfied with yourself. All of this is something than an alpha male must have!

However, getting an amazing V shape body and being able to work and train harder than your ‘’opponents’’ isn’t very easy. It means that this workout includes far more concentration and exercising than simply going to a gym 2-3 times per week.  But, as an alpha male, you will definitely be capable of withstanding it.

Exercising days in a week

Here we will be talking about exercising and when it should be performed. A key thing to remember is that a single training must last 45 minutes. It shouldn’t be longer, because we mentioned you will have to increase the number of repetitions in the same time frame, nor it should be shorter, simply because shorter trainings are less productive.

The workout must last for 4 weeks. After that, you can start from the beginning or you can move to a more demanding training.

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2CardioTraining 2Training 4FreeTraining 1FreeTraining 3
3CardioTraining 4FreeTraining 3Training 1FreeTraining 2
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All trainings have 30 seconds of resting time between sessions.

  1. Training 1

20 squats

10 push ups

20 front raises

20 reverse lunges

  1. Training 2 (all 3 exercises should be done with dumbbells and each one must be performed 10 times)

Squat Cleans

  1. Training 3

10 bench press

10 deadlift

10 dips

10 pull ups

  1. Training 4 (each exercise should be repeated as many times as you can)

Push ups

Squat jumps


Bench hops

Russian twists

  • Cardio training can be chosen according to your specific demands. It must be easier than other trainings here and it is used to improve the health of inner organs and stamina.

Jogging and running

Workout routine for alpha male is far more complicated than just performing the aforementioned exercises. It requires running and jogging. Why? These are essential exercises. First of all, they use more muscles than any other exercise, they burn more calories and they are beneficial due to testosterone. Note: When you exercise leg muscles, you increase testosterone levels.

An ideal training of this kind is very simple. All you need is a hill and a will to run. The steps are easy as well and the number of repetitions depends on you. More is better in this case.

  • Run up the hill as fast as possible.
  • Walk to the bottom of the hill and have a rest.
  • Repeat the steps.

It is crucial to run at least once per week, but for better results, we recommend 3-4 times. Also, it is mandatory to pair it with the 4 trainings we mentioned before.

Proper diet for alpha male

Food has a huge role in improving and maintaining your body. Due to the fact you will be exercising almost every single day, you need nutrients, especially protein and fiber.

The best foods to eat are: fish, eggs, chicken, fruit, vegetables, olive oil, shrimps and almonds. Avoid junk and fast food. Also, don’t eat anything at least 2 hours before going to bed.

Protein is the main ingredient here. You an even use supplements in order to make your muscles recover quicker from the exercising. On the other hand, if your protein intake is lower, the muscles will develop slowly and they won’t be as strong as you want to!

The bottom line

Workout routine for alpha male is actually very simple, once you understand it completely. It has been designed by millions of men across the planet and it is more than just successful. In just 4 weeks you will notice impressive results and you will feel much better. Keep in mind that all exercises should be performed properly and all of them are equally important. The important fact is that you must increase the number of reps in each session.

Maybe you already know, but we must repeat. Cigarettes and alcohol have huge drawbacks on your alpha manhood. They will make you weaker, look older and a society will think less of you, so avoid these vices at all cost.

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