How Unconditional Love Looks Like In Healthy Relationships

Being in love is amazing. But what happens if your relationship began with a romantic start, and after dating for a while, you see, it's not? You start to wonder whether being in a relationship is right for you, but does that mean your relationship is over simply because for lack of romance? If you’re someone who bails out from a romantic relationship when times get tough, it means that you aren’t committed to your partner. This is certainly not something you signed up for. And if you’re thinking about unconditional love, it’s still a fantasy for you.

If unconditional love is your goal, you’ll need to nurture your love together and be committed to deepening your love, so that it can thrive and last. Unconditional love can carry you and your partner through the relationship, even after the passion isn’t there like before.

Here are five ways that show how unconditional love can grow and strengthen your relationship:

  1. Healthy relationships give space for what is needed. The technique with unconditional love is to pay attention to a person’s authenticity and see their inner beauty and strength without getting confused to what they say or do. If you don’t like or agree with what your lover says or does, don’t take it personally and don’t assume that your love is over. If they want to go, then let them go in love.
  2. Partners choose when and who they want to be within their relationships. In the real world, unconditional love means to accept your spouse with all their flaws, and fully acknowledge who they’re as a person, and not the idealized version you expect them to be. It means welcoming their feelings, experiences, perceptions, and views as they way they originally have been without defending or justifying them because they’re unique or different from yours.
  3. You can’t have unconditional love unless you accept the differences between feelings and reality. If you love your spouse unconditionally, you’ll be able to witness the anger, the resentment, the sadness, the guilt or the shame that surfaces in your significant other, and remain focused on who they really are. Look at your girlfriend, see through their qualities, their personality, and focus on their divine love. If we are successful in observing the divine love within our spouses, we will be able to witness unconditional love.
  4. Both partners understand the importance of staying present in the moment. They always think before speaking. Before talking or taking action, couples in the best relationships, first connect, and then act. They pause for a few seconds, turn to the present moment, feel their hearts and then connect with each other.
  5. Both partners realize that there's room for “we” and “I.” Intimacy, both physical and emotional, is essential to a healthy, long-lasting relationship, but clinging onto isn’t that fruitful. In fact, the joy and happiness of being together are enhanced if both partners understand the necessity of having time apart. Love is in its most authentic state when each partner is not dependent but interdependent. If one partner always feels the need to continuously connected or together with his or her partner, then it’s more fear and feeling insecure, whether known or unknown and less about love.

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