Understanding Why Girls Ignore The Guys They Like: Reasons And Explanations

First of all, women are not complicated, they just want to be like that. In most situations, you cannot understand them completely, and you don’t even have to try. On the other side, some things are simple to understand. One of them is why girls ignore the guys they like? It is a common thing and it is completely contradictory. Why would you ignore someone you like?

You will have to remember that if a girl doesn’t call you back, she isn't interested in what you have to say or/and she avoids you, she isn’t attracted by you so she doesn’t ignore you because she likes you.

We also have situations when a girl ignores you, but she is crazy about you. In reality, some girls will like a guy so much, that they will think of it 24/7 and they will say to all of their friends that they are in a relationship, but they won’t approach to him! Now, let’s see what the sighs she likes you are.

  • She blushes when you talk to her.
  • Even when you say something stupid she smiles.
  • All her friends know about this.
  • She asks friends about you all the time.
  • She is happy when close to you.

Even one or two of these points may suggest she likes you a lot. However, the reasons why she ignores you are completely different and they literally don’t have to do anything with the points we just mentioned!

Most common reasons why a girl ignores a guy she likes

These are all the most common reasons. Some girl may have and use all of them or use just one. The situation cannot be generalized, but we will still rank all the reasons accordingly to the ratings how common they are.

  1. Hard to get

The biggest fear of most women is that they are easy to get. It means that a guy can have them after just one night and that he will tell to all of his friends what you two had. This is the most common reasons why they play hard to get. According to their logic, if you spend more time in trying to be with them, you are more serious about that, new relationship. Simply, this is the test. You will be able to see how upset and angry they are if you hook up with another girl. Some girls are so proficient in this that it isn’t possible to make a difference between ignoring you because they like you and avoiding you, just because they are not attracted by you.

  1. A guy should see that a girl likes him

A common reasons, why girls ignore the guys they like is this one. Sadly, it cannot be explained. In essence, they believe that because they like a guy, he should approach them and start a relationship with them. They believe that if a guy doesn’t do this, he is stupid or he isn’t into them! No matter how much a girl likes a guy, she may use this reason to ignore him. The only solution is to approach to all girls you think they like you!

  1. Indirectly want you to make the first move

As you may believe, women use secret and less-important sighs to tell you that they want something. They are not as direct as men. Believe or not, they may ignore you just to attract your attention. If you don’t know a woman likes you, you will invest more time in the approaching and into dating. In general, this is a linked reason to the previous one. However, some girls will simply ignore you for some time and others will ignore you much longer. Here, you can use never surrender motto!

  1. Don’t want to feel vulnerable

When we like someone, we are easy to get fooled. We don’t think straight and we will literally do everything for that person. This is also one of the most common reasons why women ignore men they like. It is especially common if a girl just had a painful break up and she doesn’t want to get hurt. In addition, this is also the most understandable reason why women do this!

  1. Show of

Some women (most of them) want to be dominant. It can be explained as a huge need to be the main person in a house, in a group and in a relationship. As such, they always ignore men they like. They don’t even talk to them and when they are in the company of their lady friends, you don’t have a chance. A solution is to approach to them when you two are alone and never mention what happened between you two in front of other people. We will also add the fact that this is a rare reason, but still, women do use it.

Final thought

Now you know why girls ignore the guys they like. These were just the most common reasons. There are many more and there are some that cannot be explained. For example, a girl will ignore a man when she is having a period! The only solution to all of these issues is not to think too much. If you like a girl, or you think a girl likes you, you must make a move. As always, don’t lose hope if a woman repels you. There were some evidences that women were ignoring men they like for 15 years. They are still single and their techniques don’t work, but they keep trying!

It is far more important to attract as many women as possible, than to spend a huge amount of time on just one. Ideally, you will spend time on more than just a single woman. You will have the main one that is priority and 1-3 who will be potential girlfriends or friends with benefits. By doing like this, you won’t be vulnerable, but you will be successful.

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