Unrealistic Expectations Are Bad For Relationships

One big reason many relationships end is because one or both people had unrealistic or unattainable expectations about each other. So, what can when couples fail to meet their expectations in a relationship? They feel miserable and unhappy and think of breaking up. Unrealistic expectations are counterintuitive for a healthy relationship. Therefore, before you get involved in a relationship, it’s imperative to know what your expectations are.

Here are four unrealistic expectations a lot of men and women looking for a date have.

• A Relationship Will Make Me Happy
We aren’t saying relationships are overrated, but believing you’ll find lasting happiness and your life will be complete after being in one is ornamentation nonetheless. We fully understand and respect of your belief that your life will be complete and meaningful if you’re in a committed and loving relationship. But, in reality, things don’t always work that way. Being happy and finding a way to feel joy and happiness is your responsibility. A relationship is just one part of it.

• My Boyfriend/Girlfriend Will Spend Most of Their Time with Me
This may sound very appealing to new couples, but the concept of couples doing everything all the time together as well as spending time together will backfire at some point of the relationship. When you get in a relationship, and you boyfriend or girlfriend little dependent on you, it makes sense. It means that he/she would like to spend some quality time with you or wake up beside you every other day. But, keep in mind; no matter how close you’re with your partner, everyone wants to have some space. Your new partner would like to meet and socialize with their friends and family. He or she would also like to spend some time on their own without their significant other. It’s a great approach for fruitful and long-lasting relationships.

• My Boyfriend/Girlfriend Hate Flirting With Other People
Humans are attracted to beautiful things, and your boyfriend or girlfriend is no exception. You’ve to open to the truth that your partner will be looking or flirting with other attractive men and women around him or her when you’re not there. He or she might also be attracted to some of them. Do you think that your boyfriend or girlfriend will stop looking or flirting when you’re in a relationship? Sadly, the answer is a “NO.” So, what can you do? The easy way is by establishing some ground rules. Tell him or her not to flirt with anyone when you’re present. This always doesn’t imply that they stop flirting with other people if you’re there with your partner. The reality, most men, and women will flirt anyhow, regardless of your physical presence.

• There Will be A Lot Of Physical Intimacy In The Relationship

Sexual affection and physical affection are two types of physical affection most of us familiar about. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is very intimate with you, we can assume that both of you have a very active sexual relationship. But, very few people are actually into it. If sexual affection is your jam, remember to ensure that your partner is perfectly okay with it. Now, talking about physical affection, such as kisses, holding hands, hugs, etc., most folks aren’t so into it or let’s say not very passionate about it. So, if these are important to you, tell your potential partners about it from the beginning.

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