Unromantic Things Men Do That Disrupts Intimacy In The Relationship

Romance shouldn’t be complicated at all. So, why is that, sometimes, romance becomes tangled with mixed communication and unintended sexual innuendos? Love and intimacy are super important when you’re talking sex with women. But when it comes to physical intimacy, every man should put some thought and effort into how will he initiate sex to make the moment special.

But, unfortunately, some men’s efforts seems predictable, forced, unsexy, or worse, cliché, and it can ruin the mood and the effort to connect with a woman on a physical or emotional level. It’s surprising to see a lot of women complaining that their boyfriends sometimes do things that aren’t only unromantic and turn-offs, it kills of the intimacy in the relationship.

We asked the ladies what exactly that their partners did that was unromantic, and men do to turn-off women but are believed to be romantic by men. So, here’s the list of six things men do that are intimacy killers, according to women.

1. Most women just hate it when their boyfriends grab your boobs while initiating sex. Dude, women, need to be wooed. Your girlfriend wants you to turn her on. She’s not something that you can grab and be felt. Women also don’t like if you touch their breasts first without kissing or any caresses on less sensitive areas.

2. Some men before having sex ask their partners, “Do you want to do it?” There isn’t anything romantic in this question; rather it feels forceful.

3. It’s romantic when you have the habit of putting your head on your girl’s chest. Most guys do that, and it’s no big deal. But, she can feel pretty uncomfortable if you happen to have a beard that is quite prickly.

4. You have a foot fetish.

5. You want to be frisky with your girlfriend, that’s okay. But don’t be too affectionate and forceful when trying to initiate sex with her. It turns them off.

6. You gaslight her to have sex with you.

However, you can keep blaming guys for all the confusion. It’s apparent that women might prefer or appreciate certain forms of affection more while dating, but they started to like them less once the relationship became serious. Things that seemed to be “flirty” or “cute” during the early stages of dating became less effective, but the guys didn’t appear to get hold of it. So, we asked people about what actions they thought were romantic during the dating phase and what’s not romantic when you’re an actual couple?

1. Here’s what they said:

2. Holding hands

3. There's plenty of affection.

4. Affection, but as the relationships mature most women value companionship.

5. Making love in the middle of the night when you’ve kids. Kids change their sleeping routines, and you don’t to see your child walking into your bedroom while you and spouse are doing the deed!

Now, you might be curious to know what actions woman thought were romantic during the dating phase and didn't involve affection? The answer is cooking dinner together. If the meals are big and elaborate it's better, as the relationship matures, couples are satisfied with a pizza as long as the emotional setting is perfect.

So, guys there you have. So, the next time you’re dating someone new or in a relationship, keep in mind the following suggestions as they’ll significantly improve the intimacy and emotional connection in your relationship.

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