The Views About Love And Relationships Change While You Grow Up

The definition of “love” has an entirely different dimension to people at various stages of their lives. People experience love differently throughout their lives, and it teaches us a lot when it comes to defining who we really are.  Sure, there are hundreds of thousands of articles, books, and movies about love and relationships, but it only you who can tell what love really mean to you. And this definition of love will change dramatically as you grow up. All this will compel you to ask yourself, what exactly is love to me? How does the meaning of love change as I grow up?

Well, we hope we will try to explain it here:

Love as a kid

During childhood, love of one’s parents and from others is all that a child can understand that these people love him or her. The child will do anything to please them and make them proud. And if they do, then the kid will take it as a confirmation and recognition of his or her efforts to make them happy.

Children also develop deep connections at the family parties and holidays where they bond with their grandparents, uncles, aunts and other relatives. To children, “togetherness,” means a deep meaning of love to them.

Love as a teen and young adult

For individuals in their 20s or 30s, the definition changes entirely, and love means something very different than which they had in their childhoods. Love became more “individual” to them. During the teenage years, love means having intense friendships with a few girlfriends who can understand their feelings and needs, because their parents and siblings can’t. With that kind of relationship, love can also hurt them. You see with that romance, most become “givers,” and by giving away a lot, they often get lost in love as they aren’t getting the same in return. Ultimately they come to an understanding that not everyone feels “love” in the same way. Meanwhile, at this stage, people also find a partner who will feel and understand their thoughts and emotions and have a committed, long-lasting relationship with them.

The power of unconditional love

The definition of love changes once more when people become parents. At this stage, they realize the power of unconditional love and the sacrifices they have to makes as parents. Well, you might be asking yourself why do most of us fail to understand the meaning of true love without any condition until we have a kid? The thing is while growing as a child we all loved our parents and did everything we can, sometimes more, because we actually cared and loved them. But, as we reach adulthood, we eventually realize that we have sacrificed ourselves a lot of all the different love relationships throughout our lives. In the mean time, our bodies and instincts were also telling us we need to begin spending our time and effort in the most important love relationship in our lives, which has be has been in the state of neglect for way too long. This most significant love relationship is self-love. It’s this loving yourself will help you to become the best version of yourself and become better for others. So, before you start looking for love, take the most important step first; love yourself.

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