Is Voice Important In Choosing A Girlfriend Or Boyfriend?

When it comes to love and relationship, the voice qualities of men and women appears to convey biological information about each other’s perceived attraction level, health, and fertility to a potential partner.

Voices play a significant role in measuring the perceived attractiveness of a man or a woman. The more attractive a voice is to hear, the more likely the person’s body is said to be symmetrical and perceived to be more physically attractive. Symmetry is vital as it transmits basic physical survival instincts and fertility information to a potential match. It’s critical to remember that symmetry and body mass index (BMI) isn’t similar. There are three variations of symmetry that matter involving voice perceived attractiveness of an individual to the opposite sex. They are:

For Men – Shoulder-To-Hip Ratio (SHP)
Men are assumed to be more attractive and sexually promiscuous when they’ve wider shoulders coupled with narrower hips. Men, whose bodies have this symmetry, have two to three times more sexual partners in their lifetime compared to men who don’t have this symmetry in their bodies.

For Women – Waist-To-Hip Ratio (WHP)
Women are perceived to be more attractive when they have a narrower waistline and broader shoulders and hips than women whose shoulders, waistline and hips are relatively even in size. In short, women with “hourglass” figures are very attractive and sexy. Another notable thing to note here is if a woman’s voice is attractive, it indicates she can be promiscuous.

For Men And Women – Left-To-Right Side Ratio (LRR)
For most people, there are differences in sizes between the left and right halves of their bodies. However, the lesser the disparity between the left and right halves of their bodies, including facial features, the more attractive the man or the woman is as to those who have more differences.

Now, let’s talk voices. It’s been found that men are attracted to women who have high-pitched voices. In fact, most men can assess the symmetry, and hence attractiveness, of a female’s face and other physical features simply by listening to her voice. The female hormone, Estrogen, which is responsible for female looking faces, is also linked to causing both high pitched voices and enhancing the attractiveness of a woman’s face.

On the other hand, women can predict a guy’s heaviness and BMI by listening to his voice. Keep his weight aside, the lower the pitch of a man is, the more attractive he is perceived, and the more balanced his body will be. Guys, who are more symmetrical than others are deemed attractive because they also have high self-esteem. As these men had high self-esteem throughout their lives, they feel more confident and secure about themselves. These two qualities are very attractive to women.

The bottom line is when looking for a girlfriend or a boyfriend, attraction and chemistry play vital roles. The attraction and chemistry we feel when we like someone arises from a combination of senses, including the sound of a person’s voice. So, if you shut your eyes, and attentively listen to the voice of someone you’re attracted, and love what you hear, then it’s highly likely that you will like what you see when you open your eyes.

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