Is Vulnerability A Good Trait In Men?

Is vulnerability a good trait in men? Of course it is. Vulnerability is all about being real and open to your partner or to anyone else. It is always great to be truthful to everyone. However, exposing your inner and real feelings to someone else might be an advantage to her. She can play with your feelings or she might take advantage of it. But it is seen that being vulnerable is always rewarded. If you are vulnerable with your partner then there is nothing that you need to be afraid of. You can approach her without any fear that there is something which you need to care of or she would never get to know this. A vulnerable man is always fearless and confident while dealing with anyone. A man must share his every feeling with her partner whether it is positive or negative. Sharing the positive things with your partner is always simple. But the real strength comes in you when you start sharing your negative things with your partner. Every man should show his lady how much he loves her. Tell her your feelings that how you feel about her when she is with you. Your emotional vulnerability will surely make her feel more confident and dependent about you.

Being Vulnerable

Vulnerable is all about being submissive to your partner is every condition. Showing the real and true image of yourself is always welcomed by everyone and it does take a lot of courage to show your real side to anyone. Many people across the world use their fake image or feelings to interact and connect with the people. But the fact is that they have built their relationship on a false foundation which will surely break on some day. Every person in this world is vulnerable to everyone and must show his real side and intentions to everyone. Accepting the people with all their imperfections and bad habits will make you happier rather than getting the feeling of being cheated or lied with the person you love the most. Accepting your partner completely as he is with all his imperfections will make you feel great. You must respect him and his feelings that he told you about his imperfections and other issues. This way you will accept him the way he is not the way he has projected his image so that you may get attracted towards him. Also, vulnerability is very essential part of being in a relationship and falling in love with your partner with all his imperfections. So you can say yes if someone asks you is vulnerability a good trait in men?

Why fear being vulnerable?

Is vulnerability a good trait in men? Yes it is, but sometimes it is not. Many people fear about being vulnerable in their relationship. The main reason behind this fear is that they hide their real image with respect to their partner because they are afraid of being rejected. It is seen that many people do get rejected and felt heartbroken because they have told the truth or they have open up with the person they love the most. The problem with them can be the cause behind the rejection or their timing or way of expressing themselves. Many women do reject men because of their past bad image or anything which must not be supported by the girls. Some men do get rejected because they have shared their imperfections and true image at the wrong time and wrong place. The timing also plays an important role in sharing everything with your partner. Your expressions and feelings are also very important when sharing things with your partner. Doing this in a bad manner or in a wrong way can also lead you towards getting rejected. You must interact or communicate with your partner in a suitable and respectful manner. Many people take few shots of alcohol before telling the truth to their partner which is completely wrong and is not considerable.

Vulnerability for great joy: many people think is vulnerability a good trait in men? In many cases it is. Like as it is said that small wounds take less time to heal rather than big deep wounds. This saying also applies to your relationship with your partner. Being vulnerable does cause some pain to both the partners but it surely will be a small amount of pain that will be gone in a very less time. Being hideous to your partner is like making the small wound a big one and incurable for both of you. So, vulnerability is important to both of you while building your relationship. You and your partner must share your imperfections and other issues with each other so that both of you can know about each other. There are chances that after sharing the real side of yourself with each other, you may break your relationship. But if you do carry on to continue with your relationship you will surely end up being in a strong relationship that is difficult to break. There will be no secrets in your relationship which need to be hidden from your partner. Both of you will enjoy your relationship and life without any fears or worries of getting caught by your partner.

Open yourself to vulnerability: Vulnerability helps you in connecting with your partner very deeply and emotionally. The bond in your relationship would be unbreakable even if an outsider tries his best to break your relationship with your partner. It also helps you both to connect mentally as well as emotionally with each other. That means you will be more easily and emotionally available for interaction with the people. People would love to talk with you and connect with you. Vulnerability makes you look more honest and authentic when it comes to relying on you. Your friends will be very comfortable with you and would love to have you as a friend around them. You will be more easily available to have conversation or for the interactions with any person.

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