Want To Appear Sexier To Women? Here’s How!

Do you know that an average man with a dog or puppy has approximately 60 percent more chance of attracting the average woman that a man without one? Yes, having a puppy appears to have a big boost for your sex appeal. We all want to make ourselves sexier to the ladies, and the above example is only one among the many tricks that you do use to seduce more women.

Below are some of these simple and potent tips to make you a hit with the ladies:

Get A Puppy or A Dog
According to a survey by having a puppy or an adult dog will boost a man’s attractiveness by as much as 24 percent. We are a bit skeptical about the numbers, but we won’t deny the fact as we have seen that to be true. This means that any time of the day you take your dog for a walk in the park or the street, you’re more attractive to women. Post a picture with your dog on social media or your dating profile; you’ll get a ton of likes and cute comments from women. Besides, making you more popular and attractive to women, your pet dog also makes you appear more trustworthy, wise, and even making you to be a good choice for a long-term relationship.

Be Funny
You probably know this already – having a decent sense of humor is an important quality most women want to see in man while looking for a partner. Any man who can make women laugh is a hit. But, since not all of us have been born with a funny bone, it is worth learning a few killer jokes and try learning how to make women laugh by studying the best comedians. Over time and with enough practice, anyone of us can make our girlfriends and other women with some degree of success.

The Wingman Effect
Let’s be honest; there are some people amongst who are more attractive than the rest if you compare people with one another. Do you have any friends who are average looking or below average looking? If yes, then you’re in luck. Why? Because these are just the guys, you need to bring him as your wingman everywhere you go to meet girls as they’ll make you look attractive and sexier. This tactic can also be applied to your social media and online dating profiles too. Just remember not to include your wingman in your profile as women don’t like it.

Do Some Volunteer Work
Women aren’t only attracted to the physical qualities of a man. They are also interested in the mental and emotional aspects of man’s behavior. They look at what he is wearing, what he likes doing, and what is in his hands. A guy with a purpose in life and dedicated to giving back something to his community through volunteer work will always be more attractive to women than any man who doesn’t. You see women are very mental beings and this guy’s volunteering makes him appear to be more caring, and better equipped to care and love. That’s why they marked this guy as a better pursuit for a long-term relationship.

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