Want To Be In More Dates? Then Start Texting!

Love it or hate it, it’s impossible to ignore the “texting phase” during the initial days of a budding relationship. It’s a process which creates a gradual build up of anticipation to chatting on the phone and finally meeting in person – that’s the best case scenario. What if you’ve poor texting skills or can’t communicate what you want via texts? If you and your match wait for days to respond to each other, that’s a bad sign.

Here are few tips that you might want to check out if you want to use texting to get you clinch that first date:

1. Give Your Match Something To Respond To
Rather than texting, “How was your weekend?” consider asking “Did you have a fun weekend?”This question will invoke a more in-depth response, and your partner will be more compelled to describe what was so fun about it. If you’re at the receiving end, give some feedback by explaining how you spent your weekend. It will pave the way for an actual conversation as well as it will add some emotion to it.

2. Ask Questions Back
If you want to keep any conversations going, you’ve to ask questions. In the real world, if someone asked you what your favorite childhood vacation was, you don’t only keep talking about your story. You’d probably ask them, “What was yours?” This gives them a chance to say about theirs.

3. Always Send Photos Or Videos
Technology has provided us with incredible opportunities to share our lives with other people. Dating is basically a chance for people to see if someone wants to spend and share more of their lives with us. Show them how much you love your life or how much fun you’re having at that fancy wedding. Send a picture of your new bow tie or that new designer dress to your match. Share a photo of that amazing sunset or a video of the sounds of the crashing ocean waves to your match.

4. Cut Some Slack For Dull Texters
Not everyone is a texting expert. Take some initiatives to liven up the exchange. Most folks are doing their best, and they genuinely want to know about your day.

5. Sign Off The Discussion Politely
If something important came up, or you’re in the middle of a texting exchange with your colleague, don’t end the conversation by texting lame messages like, “Gotta to go,” or “It was fun chatting with you.” This is a person you’re looking forward to date, so use your best manners.

6. Don’t Delay Responding To Texts
Plenty of advice and articles have been written on how much time you should wait before you respond to texts, particularly when you’re dating or in a relationship. We aren’t telling you to keep your eyes glued to your phone and reply to every message every five seconds. All we want to say is don’t wait too long, either. Be an adult and be courteous. If you’re busy to give them a detailed response, send a short text like, “Got your text.” It’s better than keeping the other person waiting. However, at some point, you might get overwhelmed by answering so many texts. In that situation, you might want to give your recipient that you’re ready to move the conversation to a new level.

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