Want To Destroy Your Relationship? Then Read This!

Relationships are meant to last a lifetime, but some men and women do their best to ruin almost every one of their relationships completely. It may sound preposterous, but here is how you can completely destroy your relationships. Read on:

1. Don’t take any responsibility for your feelings. Pay no attention to your feelings, your sense of safety and security. Be sure that your neglect your feelings up to the point that a hole will be created in your soul, which can only be filled by sex, material things, or someone else’s affection and love.

2. Find someone else to fill your emptiness, shallowness within yourself, make you feel happy, love and feel secure. The best way to do it is to date someone who will promise and sacrifice his or her happiness and love for you.

3. Once you found the right person, be sure to give yourself up completely. Focus all your attention on the other person’s needs and feelings. Make sure to ignore your feelings and needs entirely. Keeping on hoping that if you be kind and sacrifice all of your happiness for the other person, the other person will do it for you, too. Next, demand that your partner lives up to your expectations, and gradually be more and more demanding of that person. If he or she fails, don’t forget to blame, berate, criticize, yell, disrespect, lecture, and fight with your partner.

4. Now, your relationship goal is to gain complete control on your partner by completely giving up his or her feelings and needs, and focusing only on your emptiness and needs exclusively. By doing so, you now have the opportunity to make your partner feel guilty and responsible for your feelings as now you have low self-esteem and vulnerable. Think of being the victim here. As you notice by now, your relationship is already started to decline, and there are more arguments, fights, lack of intimacy and passion, and poor communication between you and your partner. You have withdrawn from your spouse, spend less and less time with your spouse, and spend most of your time alone or with other people. All good indications that it’s just matter of time your relationship gets dismissed.

5. You’re almost there! Your relationship is on the brink of ruin, but for some reason, you want to give your relationship a second chance. You get your partner into relationship counseling. You think counseling will help your spouse to change. But there’s a catch here. Instead, of taking accountability and responsibility of both of your actions for all the problems in your relationship, you do the opposite.

6. You tell the therapist that everything your partner does is wrong, and be sure to prove that your partner is wrong and you’re always right. Don’t also forget to tell you are the good one and your partner is the bad one in the relationship.

Congratulations! You have managed to make your relationship terrible and end it! Now, you be miserable and alone again and leave your partner believing that it’s his or her fault that the relationship broke up. Now, you can find someone new, and repeat the whole thing again!

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