Want to Find Your Soul Mate? Ask Yourself These 7 Questions!

Are you tired and frustrated of being in and out of relationships that don't work for you? Are you in an unhappy and loveless marriage that you regret all the time and telling yourself that only if I got married to my soul mate, I would have been happier and satisfied? Are you wondering what happened to your partner that forced her to change? Things get even more frustrating and complicated as she was your soul mate at the beginning of the marriage. If you are in these kinds of situations, you are not alone.

There is a reason why so many men and women are still searching for their soulmate.  And there are substantial reasons why 60 percent of married couples have divorced or ended their relationship, despite claiming that they have met their “soul mates.”

These days relationships and marriages are complicated. People who are married or in relationships today want their soul mates to be the perfect partner, perfect lover, business partner, best friend, best parent, perfect entertainer and so on. No one can be the best in everything. So, demands like these will put a lot of pressure on one person. You see a conscious soul mate is the one who creates a safe, kind, friendly, and workable relationship with his or her partner. Just because you think that you have met your soul mate despite all odds and the two of you will be happily married and lead a happy life doesn’t always happen in real life.

While growing up, our parents told us who we should and should not have as our life partners. So, this has created an impression or should we say a fantasy of a perfect soul mate in our minds, who has all the best qualities that our parents have been telling us. When we come across someone who doesn’t have some of the characteristics our parents told us, we reject them. We want someone who has qualities that we ourselves don’t have, will have the skills that we ourselves don’t have, will love and adore us unconditionally which we ourselves can give back and so on. That’s a tall order and challenging, right?  In a quest to find out whether this is even possible, we need to start with ourselves, first. Ask yourself can you ever fulfill all the above for someone else?

Ask yourselves these questions to find out:

  1. What do you feel and think about your soul mate?
  2. What do you genuinely expect from your soul mate?
  3. How you act yourself when you are in front of your soul mate?
  4. How do identify yourself besides your soul mate?
  5. How do you apprehend your soul mate would act, feel, and think about you?
  6. How would you act, feel, and think about yourself about your soul mate?
  7. For the greater benefit what is that you will be willing to give and providing in the relationship?

Answers to these questions will provide an insight of all the beliefs, qualities, positive and negative thoughts and feelings of you. If you are looking for a happy and long-term relationship, continue utilizing your skills to maintain all of your good qualities and behaviors, so you can keep being soul mates for each as long as both of you want.

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