Want To Find Your Soul Mate? Then Read These 7 Things Most Gets Wrong About LOVE!

Most men and women seem to have the wrong definition when it comes to love and relationships. They keep telling about how desperate they’re to fall in love, and love can be so painful. Just think about the sheer number of love songs that are written. Movies, TV shows and romantic books often portray the fairy tale version of love, while in reality, it’s completely different.

Here’s what real love is and is not:

1. True Love Isn’t Extreme or Filled With Lust
Chemistry is important when it comes to falling in love, but ensure yourself that it doesn’t make you lose yourself and your mind when you’re together. Chemistry with someone you like shouldn’t make you feel like you’re missing something, or that you can’t live without with him or her when you’re apart. When you are with your partner, love should uplift and inspire you. It shouldn’t make you co-dependent on each other. Love should make us grow beyond our perceived limited possibilities.

2. Love Isn’t Suffering or Pain
Let’s be clear on one thing; love does not hurt. Love is simple and joyous. Your soul mate should make bring the best out of you, and vice versa. And if some traits or behaviors or whatever makes you feel annoyed by your partner, it’s highly likely that these are things that you probably don’t like about yourself.

3. Love Isn’t Self-Sacrificing.
It’s the exact opposite, in fact. If you can’t love yourself, there is little chance that you’ll be fully able to love someone else. Don’t neglect, ignore, or break up from yourself to keep your significant other happy. Don’t sacrifice yourself, your personality, and your identity to keep your partner happy. Be 100 percent yourself to keep your soul mate happy.

4. Love Isn’t Superior or Judgmental
Love isn’t judgmental. Love doesn’t judge anyone else. Love doesn’t make you feel or act superior to somebody else. Love supports and respects others. Love is accepting and embraces others.

5. Love Won’t Fix Your Life Or Get All Your Needs And Wants To Be Fulfilled
If you think you need someone to make your life better, its neediness. It isn't loved contrary what most men and women looking for love tend to believe. It also means that there is something is missing from your life which you can’t provide yourself. Loving someone else says that you know very well that all of your needs and wants are already met. Loving someone else means you’re whole and complete.

6. Love Never Dies
Unless, we decide for ourselves love never dies, or fades away. If we have activated deep within ourselves, it can never get lost. We can try all we can to get rid of it, block it, sabotage it, or forget about it. But, it will never disappear.

7. Love Doesn’t Expect You To Make Your Partner Happy
You aren’t responsible for the happiness of your partner or anyone else, but yourself. Love isn’t expecting or pressuring your significant other to make you feel or act in a specific way or to do things for you. Love functions as a partnership, and it’s equal and fair.

If you’re desperate to fall in love and eagerly to look for someone, remember, first love yourself before you start loving someone else. After all, Love only complements your life, but it doesn't complete it.

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