Want To Be Happy In Your Relationship? Stop Posting On Social Media!

Let’s be honest, dating and relationships are complicated, and they probably always have been like that forever. Sometimes, relationships can turn so complicated that most men and women grapple whether or not they’re in happy relationships. Then there is the usual fights and arguments with our significant others about why the socks aren’t in the sock drawer? Sometimes, our girlfriends get all angry and jealous when they find us watching Netflix alone. Does this mean that we are in happy relationships or is it doomed? It’s hard to tell.

It’s true that the internet and social media have made our lives easier in many ways, but they also made few things more complicated especially when it comes to dating and relationships. Often, while surfing through Facebook or Instagram, we see perfectly curated and lovely pictures of happy couples kissing, holding hands or frolicking on the beach. All these make some of us feel depressed who aren’t in those “happy relationships.”

However, it seems like there is one big sign in your relationship that will make you feel happier than everyone else. So, dying to know what it is? Well, quit spending time on social media sites. Stop posting about your relationship or anything else even that relates slightly to your relationship or marriage on social media altogether. Bam! Take that on your face that picture-perfect couple you just found on Facebook or Instagram.

According to new research, couples who stopped posting or sharing about their relationship on social media are happier than those who do it on a regular basis. We understand that it’s normal for you and your girlfriend posting cute photos of the both while visiting some nice place or having a lovely dinner date at your favorite restaurant. But there is surely a connection between how satisfied and happy you feel in your relationship and how often you share it on various social media platforms for your friends, family, and other people to see it.

First, it kicks off with social media use in general. Researchers indicated that men and women who don’t spend too much time on social media are happier with their lives because they’re out there living it, instead of posting or sharing about it. If people are busy with their happy relationships because they’re living it, naturally they’ll have less time to post about it.

Men and women who spend too much time on social media are said to be suffering from depression because they’re busy comparing their lives to others of what they see. Also, some people tend to use social media to brainwash themselves. This unhealthy habit makes it appear to outsiders that they’re so happy and their lives are amazing, and sometimes, even convincing themselves of it, but in reality, it’s not true at all.

The bottom line is, couples who are in a happy and satisfied relationship, it’s not that important for them to prove or show it to others by posting it on Facebook or Instagram. They know that they’re genuinely happy in their relationship. So, they hardly feel the need to post about it on social media to get validated by others.

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