Want To Be A Man Whisperer? Check Out These 5 Tips!

Men and women react differently when it comes to verbal communication. Just speaking the same language won’t be enough to convey each other’s feelings and emotions. It’s because there are real differences in the way women and men think, and both sexes transmit their thoughts to each other. Most women complain that their boyfriends only don’t care about what they have to say, but holding this view means that they’re missing a vital point. Speaking and listening to man is and will always be an art, and need some effort combined with a strategy.

Here’s how you can become a “man whisperer.”

Less is More
It’s been proven that women do talk more than men. In fact, it’s three times as much as men! Besides, the way most women think and process information and their feelings are also different than men. Most of the conversation about good communication is often aimed at getting guys to open and speak honestly and freely. This seems like a real goal. But, being a man whisperer isn’t a one-way street. Communication flows both ways.

Content is King
Here’s the truth. Some topics will not enthrall a regular guy no matter how you put it, do or say. For example, your boyfriend is hardly interested what you’ll be wearing on your friend’s wedding. So, what is the point of asking him or even making him to pretend? In such cases, his feelings for you won’t be affected whether he listens well or not. So, let him of your radar on this one.

Timing Makes All The Difference
Time is everything when it comes to having a proper conversation. When you need to discuss something important, be careful to pick the right time. If he has returned from work, he will be less attentive what you’re talking about. Rather, wait until midnight or just before kickoff of the big game to begin. Being sensitive to his needs is as good and healthy, just like he is to your needs. It’s a good strategy for a fruitful and lasting relationship. Being mindful of the time to talk about important issues is an excellent and effective way to increase your chance of getting hold of interest and attention when it’s required the most

Give And Take Is Necessary
Talking to your man is not a monolog. A man will be more interested in talking with a woman is the conversation flows both ways, and the feedback is reciprocal. Ask him what he thinks about what you’ve said. Then make him aware why his views seem to be interesting or valuable to you. Talk about what he did all day with a curious nature. Appreciate his accomplishments and respect for what he has achieved. If you give him the attention which he thinks rightfully deserves, it’s highly likely he will do the same to you, too.

Put Emphasis on Body Language
In any conversation, we reveal more of ourselves through body language, which includes eye contact, posture, voice tone, and the positioning of our hands and feet. Body language conveys more of feelings and thoughts than flirty or romantic words. You can give your communication and flirting techniques by taking full advantage of these excellent tools. For instance, if you lay your hand on his forearm and looking at him with the eyes while speaking will make your man feel valued, cared and wanted. It will get him to feel interested in you, and what best you don’t have to compete with anyone for it!

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