Want To Be In An Open Relationship? Then It’s Important To Have These 3 Conversations

Most people equate open relationships with infidelity. But, it’s important to know that an open relationship isn’t the same as “legal” cheating. Over the recent years, open relationships are becoming more popular and more acceptable. So, if you and your partner want to try it, go ahead! But, you have to remember that an open marriage or open relationship can't just happen one day.  You can't be successful in an open relationship by jumping from monogamy to polyamory without proper planning and thought.

But, there are open relationships that are successful. Open relationships can succeed, if you are fully honest with your spouse and proceed an open relationship in the right way. You and your girlfriend should sit together and talk, even before you can even think about starting an open relationship. Yes, talk. Having an in-depth conversation with your partner about the topic makes sense because, like any other huge relationship decision, both of you should be on the same page. There isn’t any option for you and your partner to working out on an open relationship after you are in one.

So, below are three specific things you need to talk about before being in an open relationship:

  1. What Kind Of Relationship Are You Looking For?

Sure, there are many types of relationships. And not all of them have names. Are you looking for a polyamorous relationship? If yes, are you ready to meet your partner’s “other lovers”? More importantly are you in emotionally capable to know and handle the fact that your girlfriend has intimate relationships with other men? Do you how much contact information you should give out to these other “partners”?  If you’re someone who is looking for something purely sexual, then a swinger party or a threesome will definitely spice up your sex life. You can also consider a “don't ask, don't tell” situation. In this arrangement, both of you will be free to have sex with other people when you're traveling. Just don’t discuss it with your partner. If you and your partner are on the same page, it’s okay to expect it.

  1. Establish Some Rules

When you are in an open relationship a lot of things might happen that you didn’t expect might occur. You must plan if you want to avoid seriously hurt the feelings or unconsciously betraying the person you love and care. That’s why it’s imperative that you establish from the start what both of you are comfortable with either sexually and emotionally. Also, decide if this relationship should only be confined to the bedroom or whether it should be posted all over social media.

  1. Find a way what you're going to tell the children (in case you’re a parent)

If you’re thinking of being in an open relationship and have kids, you really need to figure out a way on how you will tell them who is your special friend really is. And if you think you can avoid talking about this forever, you are mistaken. Why? Because children are more observant than most people think and they will quickly notice that this man or woman is different. It's up to you both as parents and couples to tell them how much they need to know.

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