Want To Spice Up Your Sex Life? Here Is The Single Best Sex Position For Lazy People!

Sex should be enjoyable. It doesn’t have to be a workout. When people talk about crazy and wild sex positions, most folks usually all lean to the spooning sex position. The spooning sex position is kind of lazy and most people it’s not that easy to perform. And, yes, this is the sex position that’s often featured in porn. It’s unfortunate that most couples don’t like this position because if you do it right, the spooning sex position is one of the sexiest and pleasurable around.

Here are five things you need to know to have the kinkiest sex possible in the spooning sex position.

  1. It’s multi-purpose.

The spooning sex position isn’t only a great position to have sex; it’s perfect to cuddle with your partner after making love. When you have sex in the missionary position, or doggy style, or in some other position, the mood to get your bodies into a cuddling position feels like a chore. But, you don’t have that in the spooning sex position. It’s nice, easy, and natural.

  1. The spooning sex position is easy and kind of naughty.

One of the big reasons most couples like to have sex in the missionary position as their preferred sex positions is because it’s  easy and hassle-free.  You don’t have to work a lot or require any skills. Well, the spooning sex position is also damn easy if you know what you are doing. In fact, it's easier on the guys as they don’t have to thrust a lot for deeper penetration. Also, having sex with a woman from behind is still sexy and dirty without making any changes in the sex swing.  Overall, it’s perfect for lazy, yet horny men!

  1. It's really intimate

If you think about it, the spooning sex position is really intimate because our bodies are totally aligned with each other. The position is so intimate you probably have even felt your girlfriend’s heart beating. Okay, you can’t look into her eyes during sex, but when your body is in sync with your partner’s body, it’s not important to make eye contact with her. Plus, we all love getting kissed on the neck, especially women, and having sex in the spooning position is perfect for it. So, if you want to make your girlfriend happy, you should have sex with her in this position!

  1. The spooning sex position is perfect for stimulating your g-spot

Are you curious about g-spot orgasms? If yes, then have sex in this position. You don’t need to master any fancy or complex move to guide your manhood in the right place if you are having sex in the spooning position. If you are penetrating her from this angle, you will easily stimulate your partner’s g-spot giving her intense orgasms.

  1. The spooning sex position is equal opportunity

It doesn't matter if you have a small penis or a big penis, either way, you're in luck!  If you have sex in this position with your girlfriend, it will be amazing and intensely pleasurable. If you want to please your girlfriend sexually, this is an ideal sex position.

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