The Way And Frequency You Kiss Your Partner Reveals A Lot About Your Relationship

One of the most common questions most relationships and therapists ask when couples come for counseling are; “How often are you both having sex? How long have you been struggling in your relationship? What kind of values do you share?” But, the most important one here is; “How often do you kiss?”

The truth is you can get a lot of information about a couple's connection with other by the way they kiss.

  1. A romantic relationship involves sexual intimacy and closeness.

If you’re married or in a long-term relationship with someone and you’ve no sexual intimacy and emotional connection, you’re in a friendship, not a romantic relationship. If that’s the case with you, perhaps, you need to think long and hard to evaluate your partnership and decide if you want to make any real changes anything in it.

  1. A kiss is a powerful thing.

When we discuss sexual intimacy, we aren’t only talking about intercourse. Kisses are also an essential part of the sexual act itself. Kisses are very intimate gestures, particularly kisses on the mouth like the French kisses. You’ll find the people on the first dates; don’t like to kiss on the lips. Why? Simply because kissing on the mouth is just too intimate.

  1. If you want to develop a romantic and intimate connection with your partner, it’s imperative you do it with a “good kiss.”

Regardless, how busy or inflexible you’re with your schedule, don’t be hasty and take some time when you kiss your girlfriend so that the two of you can feel the moment and cherish it. Also, while kissing your partner, don’t forget to hug her! Hugs are great, too. We firmly encourage couples who are having problems including physical intimacy issues to incorporate hugs into their daily routine. Hugs are important, but understand that a passionate kiss more powerful and increasingly vital for any romantic relationship to thrive and survive in the future.

  1. Kissing each other on a regular basis is one of the best ways to keep the intimacy alive in the relationship.

When it comes to kissing your significant other, when you’re married or in a serious relationship, we are talking about kissing on the lips or the mouth. A simple peck on the forehead or the cheeks won’t make the cut here. Keep those for your grandma. Kiss your girl when you wake up in the morning, when you go to bed and when you return home from work in the evening.  Surprise your spouse while kissing her on the fly, and when she’s sleeping or cooking a meal. She’ll love it!

  1. Kissing him or her on a regular basis is the greatest way to show your spouse how extraordinary he or she is to you.

Kissing your partner not only shows your love and affection to him or her, but it also reaffirms your attachment to them. Some couples often say that they’re like friends with their partners. They also admit that they no longer touch each other intimately in their relationship. They tell about being great roommates, instead of being great life partners. When a relationship reaches this stage, couples often try to have sex regularly. And the right and more gentle way to reintroduce themselves to that kind of romantic intimacy is by holding hands, hugs and yes, kisses.

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