Ways To Express Your Love Without Words

Does love require only words to be expressive? Does love always need to be shout-out-loud to let your loved one know that you are loved truly, madly and deeply? Well, no doubt, expressing verbally has its own significance, but there is a kind of love that can be conveyed even it is unsaid. The kind of love that does not need to cry or yell for attention, but it can be whispered softly and gently.

Your actions, body language, and expressions can say it all and notify your loved one that you truly care.  Let us discuss very common and simple, yet very meaningful and pleasing gestures that enlighten your true feelings rather than conveying it vocally.

Being a perfect listener

Listen to your loved one with full attention and interest, even you find things uninteresting and repeated. Listening to each other creates an incredible bond and let you two know each other more deeply. It strengthens your relationship. So, sit back and listen with full concentration, without interrupting even if you have heard the story millions a time.

Take out time for your special one

Time is the most precious thing that one can offer to someone. So even if you have tight schedules, take out time for your loved ones to give them a short call or text them to check on them, to listen and to share with them. Let them know that you always keep them on priority and that they mean a lot to you.

Be patient with your loved one

There are times when your special one is going through some difficult time which you do not even know, and they may act weird or unreasonable.  Do not try to get on their nerves and give them space. They may snap you back, stay calm, do not react, smile and provide them with a warm hug that ensures everything is going to be just fine.

Surprise your partner very often

Do not wait for any particular occasion to arrive to surprise your partner nor you need to get expensive gifts to please. A hearty breakfast in the morning, a bouquet of flowers, a pack of chocolate or a surprise dinner date can show your love and affection for your partner. Try to plan out something different each time. Be creative!!

Your warm hugs and kisses

Physical affections like a warm hug or a surprise kiss can say it all what you sincerely feel inside without saying “I love you.” A goodbye kiss, a warm hug on returning after a tiring day can freshen up the morale and boost up the energies of your partner.

Support your partner

Be very supportive of your partner. Always encourage them and stand by them no matter what it takes. Help them out when they are surrounded with doubts. Provide your wisdom and suggestion while considering their opinions. Always be there to comfort them in the time of their failures.

True love can be expressed through small, simple gestures. As long as you are there to support them and they can rely on you, then you are expressive without conveying it in words.

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