Ways To Perfect The Silent Treatment In A Relationship

We argue, we fight!! Where relationships hold happy memories, it also collects painful moments along.  It is never too easy to select the right words when you are upset with your partner. Often we get so mad that we end up yelling and hurting each other. But the way you deal with these bad moments will determine the endurance and happiness of your love life.

Sometimes we feel like just walking away from an argument and do not want to answer back or remark. We do not want to argue or yell about the issue anymore. This silence may continue for days of even years depending upon the relationship we have. But what I believe silent treatment is not the right way to deal with the conflict going on between the two.

Usually, it is thought that giving a silent treatment to your partner is the perfect thing to do to hurt them and teach them a good lesson. But this might not be a case; it can prove out to be terrible for your relationship. Silent treatment can cause a lot of confusion. If you start giving the silent treatment to your partner because you have been hurt, then you are not at all helping your relationship. If your partner does not even know that what’s bothering you, then it will only create confusion as he/she will have no idea that what’s on your mind.

At times silent treatment is a better choice in response to an angry argument in love, but you need to know it to use it well without harming your relationship.

Silent treatment can stretch for days. One partner waits for the other to apologize first. And what if both feel that they are right? What I would say that for a happy relationship, both should shed down their egos and put efforts to sort out everything. However, you can check out the following basic guide to know that how long a relationship should last:

  • When you both are together at home, do not let the silent treatment to last for an hour.
  • If you both are at work or distance away, do not let the silence last for over than half a day
  • If you are extremely mad and disturbed and need some time, just let your partner know that you need some time in private to calm down. Call your partner as soon as you feel better. Remember do not take days to calm yourself down as this will only mean that you want to hurt your partner with the silent treatment.

Things you should not do while giving a silent treatment

There are a few points that you should know when at any time during your relationship you give a silent treatment to your partner.

  • Do not completely ignore your partner and lock yourself in a room. At least tell him/her that you want to stay alone for some time.
  • Do not leave your partner in complete darkness and tell what’s bothering you.
  • Never walk away when your partner has to say something. Firstly listen to them and then you can excuse for some time to be alone
  • Do not ever attack your partner verbally when he is trying to explain something. Do not yell at them and listen to their side completely. Moreover, never even think of being violent to your partner, it is badly going to harm your relationship.

So, next time if you ever get furious and choose to go for a silent treatment, do keep in mind the tips described above to do it in a right way.

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