Ways To Say “I Love You” To Someone Special In The Most Adorable Manner

Words are the easiest way to express your feelings and saying “I love you,” but it can take more than an email or a text message to get your point across to your loved one. To prove your love for someone, it can be easily communicated through your actions. So be creative to express your love to that someone special of yours.

When you are in love, three magical words “I love you” come out instantly and naturally. It will happen when the person is completely sure about his true feelings. If you hesitate or choke when saying these words, then you need to reconsider your feelings. Individuals who are deeply in love are going to device cute little ways to express their warm feelings for their special ones. There are very simple yet meaningful ways to says “I Love You” to your beloved one.

  • Using codes that are derived from their work:

By collecting phrases and the terms that are related to their work and profession, you can together to express the words that say “I Love You.” it is going to be the cutest way to convey your inner self for them.

  • Say it with your art and craft project:

Now this is going to require your efforts, but the result is going to be very fruitful and impressive. Make a pop-up book or a heart shaped candle or any cute romantic stuff that you come across the Google to say that you love your partner to bits.

  • How about hiring a singing telegram?:

Yes! They still do exist, and it’s their rarity that makes them so unique. Their performance is going to be a wonderful treat and the most surprising way to say “I Love You” to your sweetheart.  Do not forget to make the arrangements at home as in the office it is going to distract people around.

  • Plant the words:

Surprised? Yes, this is what I really mean! If you have a garden at home, grow the plant in such an order and way that it says “I Love You.” If there is no garden present, then get some flowers and make the arrangements with the words conveying your true feelings.

  • Putting up a sign in public:

By putting up a sign in public does not mean that you have to prepare a billboard for them. You can put a sign in the mailbox, or you can put signs on their jogging track.

  • Say it with a playlist:

What expresses better than music? Famous composers have made hit compositions with the loved one in their minds. If you are not one of those composers, then manage to make a playlist of the most romantic songs that convey a clear message, not the vague one. Try to find the songs that are the most liked by both of you.

  • Say it with food:

How about using a heart-shaped utensil to fry an egg or prepare a heart shaped cake with the words expressing your love. You can cook a pizza with a heart shaped pepperonis on it. Saying it with food, the possibilities are unlimited.

Finding adorable ways to express your feelings is just a bonus. With your cute acts, you will make your partner fall in love with you all over again.

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