We All Want Chemistry In Relationships – But What Is Chemistry?

When it comes to having a fulfilling relationship, chemistry is inevitable. But, it doesn’t always eventuate in the way we would like it to think. Most men and women were looking for someone dream of a day when they will fall in love with someone at first sight, but in real life, it’s more complicated.

We all had arguments with our friends when we passed on someone attractive. The reason we did that we didn’t find any chemistry with the person. You see chemistry is more than just physical attractiveness. Chemistry is different for every person. We may find someone unattractive at first glance, but can get attracted to him or her after chatting with them for a few minutes face-to-face. In some occasions, we might get instantly drawn to a person citing instant chemistry, but that feeling of attraction can be misleading. For a relationship to be successful and long-lasting, you need more than mere physical attraction.

We all want to share particular experiences and values, and we get validated and respected by people who share those values. Chemistry originally starts with sharing the same philosophies about life. It’s the similarities and likeliness of those experiences and values that connect us with someone. It is helpful to have and share the same philosophies regarding life, family, kids, money, communication and intimacy. Connecting with someone also get a tad little easier when two people share the same daily activities, passions, and interests. For example, you and your partner both love to eat Chinese food and hiking. Living and enjoying life is all about sharing experiences together.

Your fascination with chemistry with someone also depends on the persona of him or her. You get attracted to a person who has the same persona as you. Some like smart and quiet people, while some are attracted to people with boisterous lives.

We all make gestures to show our love, care, and affection to our partners. How our partners respond to specific gestures is an important part of chemistry. If your gestures and actions towards your date or partner are well-received and appreciated, the chemistry you feel towards them will soar.

Many men and women while looking for partners online usually passes on some of their potential matches simply they didn’t like his or her profile picture. This is really sad because these people are judging someone far away from them from behind a computer screen. Chemistry is a tricky and complicated thing. There are elements when making a connection with someone and chemistry is a part of it. So, when you see someone new and don’t feel an instant attraction to him or her, don’t reject them. Try to schedule a date with that person, have a conversation, and get to know him or her. Who knows you might be interested and feel attracted to him or her.

The bottom line is if you’re looking for someone to date, and met someone who has most of the qualities you like to see in a woman or a man, get yourself out there and have a date with them. That’s the only way for you actually to find out if you've any chemistry with them.

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