Wedding Etiquette: Should Wedding Guests Pay An Attendance Fee?!

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A recent story made headlines when a bride actually cancelled her wedding because the guests refused to pay the $1,500 attendance fee. Reading this story left us with so many questions! First of all, what the hell is a “wedding attendance fee?” Second, is charging wedding guests an attendance fee the new normal? We're discussing it below…

First, what in the world is a “wedding attendance fee?” Apparently, a wedding attendance fee is a fee that guests are asked to pay in order to cover the cost of the ceremony and reception rather than the couple's family having to cover the entire thing. If you're anything like us, you're probably thinking this is the most ludicrous, stupidest thing you've ever heard. We understand giving the couple a generous gift. We understand having to cover your own travel expenses if the wedding is in another town. We also understand covering your own bridesmaids/groomsmen attire. We definitely do not agree with guests having to pay just to simply be there! When you get married and invite your close friends and family, you should just be appreciative that they are a part of your special day. You shouldn't expect them to foot the bill for it!

Apparently charging a wedding attendance fee is becoming a more common thing as the years go on. While most couples don't charge the shocking $1,500 this couple was asking for, they do ask their guests to pay a smaller fee to help out with the cost of the ceremony. This wasn't a thing of the past (as far as we've ever heard, at least). Asking wedding guests to pay attendance fees has become more common as more couples have been gravitating towards lavish, over-the-top wedding ceremonies. We understand that you want your special day to be perfect and memorable, but too many couples go overboard with wedding expenses. It doesn't matter if the tables at your reception are covered in $10,000 pure silk tablecloths or if the bride's dress is a custom-made gown that took 73 women 800 hours to sew by hand. What truly matters is that the newlyweds really love each other and that they are surrounded by people they care about. Perhaps if modern couples focused more on the actual point of the wedding than how much they're paying for the wedding, they wouldn't feel compelled to ask their guests to chip in!

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