What A Girl Wants: 8 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special

ways to make wife feel special

Are you looking for a way to let your girlfriend know how important she is to you? Do you want to show her just how much she means to you? Showing a woman that you care isn't always as easy as it sounds. You want to make sure you do it right! To get started, take a look at these eight simple ways to make your girlfriend feel special:

1. Shower Her With Compliments

Compliment her outfit. Compliment her new haircut. Tell her how great she is at that new hobby she's learning. Showering her in compliments will make her feel appreciated.

2. Write Her A Love Letter

Go old school and writer her a handwritten love letter. You can leave it on her pillow or put it in her drawer where she'll find it as a surprise. Or you can go the extra mile and send it in the mail for her to get in a few days.

3. Share Your Feelings

Women love it when men open up and get emotional. Show her your vulnerable side and share something personal with her. This will make her feel special because it will show her that you are truly comfortable with her.

4. Send Cute Text Messages

Getting a cute, flirty text unexpectedly will brighten her day and make her feel special. It will show her that you're thinking of her even when she's not around.

5. Bring Home Her Favorite Snack

On the way home from work or school, stop at the store and grab her favorite candy or a pint of her favorite ice cream. It will make her feel great to see that you were thinking of her.

6. Ask How Her Day Was and Actually Listen

When she gets home from work, ask how her day was and actually listen to the answer. Letting her vent to you will show her that you care about how she feels.

7. Show Some PDA

Don't be afraid to grab her by the hand and pull her in for a kiss in the middle of a crowded place. This will make her feel like you want to show her off to the world and let everyone know that she's yours.

8. Give Her A Massage

Is there anything more relaxing than a nice massage? When she gets home from a long day at work, light some candles and give her a relaxing massage to help her wind down for the night.

making your wife feel special

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