What Causes People to Cheat? Is It Character Flaw Or Something Else?

There are no exact reasons why people cheat on their partners. But most therapists site common issues like the need for attention, the need for excitement when a person is bored or feeling lonely or simply the impulsive personality of the cheater. Our society views infidelity as an entirely immoral behavior, which can’t be redeemed. For example, if you told a story about a person who cheated on his or her partner, without any second thought or listening to any other related details, the cheater will be labeled as a bad person and deserves banishment.

So, why is the cheater always wrong? Why is infidelity agreed to be an indication of a flawed character?

The reality is some cheaters will learn from their actions, regret it deeply, and vow not to repeat it again. Then some folks will continue engaging in this vile behavior with little or no regards to its consequences. In short, people who cheat aren’t all bad people, though it’s easy to say it. The reality is much more complex.

Life, sometimes, can be very hard, and people don’t always keep track of their responsibilities and commitments in an efficient manner. We advise that if someone finds that he or she has been cheated on, they should try to resist feeling overly shocked. Infidelity is a very unfortunate, which can throw a romantic relationship in jeopardy, or even end it. By accepting the fact that life can be unfair to us sometimes will help us to cope with any adverse events that come in our way.

Individuals who cheat have two things going in their minds

They want the security of having a person there, combined with the euphoria of a sexual or fully-fledged affair. Therapists had revealed that individuals who have been unfaithful were usually nervous from the beginning when they were asked if they be loyal to their partners in a long-term relationship. The truth is both men and women cheat, whether they’ve vowed to remain monogamous, exclusive relationship. So, cheating does expose the flaws in their characters. If you find it difficult to stay faithful, and concealing it from your partner, it only justifies the flawlessness in your behavior. The point is people don’t change overnight. Therefore, if someone cheats on you, it’s highly likely that they’ve cheated before and at least seriously considered doing it.

So, what to do if someone is thinking of cheating?

Let assume that a relationship has gone south, and the couple isn't physically and emotionally connected to each other anymore. They have stopped enjoying each other’s company and stopped socializing together. Add some resentment and anger, and it’s just matter of time that someone will cheat. If you’re in a situation like, the first things you’ve to do is to figure out your feelings. Next, turn to a close friend or a licensed relationship expert, who has prior experience in these matters. Finally, talk about your feelings to your partner and clearly state about your needs and intentions in the relationship, including your propensity to cheat.

Overall, these conversations can be awkward at the start, but it will prevent you from all the unnecessary drama and emotional pain that will follow in case your cheat or your relationship ends.

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