What Do You Do When You’re Frustrated with Your Date

It’s natural for people to get angry if we don’t have something we want badly. And it’s even worse when it comes to dating. We understand if you’re becoming angry when you can’t find the perfect mate, even after having dates after dates. Take it as like a job interview, when you can’t land a job even giving a lot of them. Similar, going on many dates, and still failing to find someone to have a lasting relationship can make even the happiest and nicest men and women bitter. It makes perfect sense.

If you think you’re angry about the whole dating process, there are two things you have do. First, honestly admit that the dating process had made you miserable; second, develop a plan that will improve your mood about dating. It will make you attractive to people who are compatible with you.

1. Be clear what kind of relationship you want to have. Ask yourself if you want to date casually or will settle down the moment you meet the right person. Plus, make sure if you’re too strict or relaxed about the qualities and traits you want to see in a partner. Usually, men and women become angry if they can’t find someone who exactly meets their requirements. These folks can’t see the bigger picture. Ask yourself if you have met someone who rigidly fits your traits for the past few months. If you’ve met people who at least met some at least few of your criteria, then go back and see what’s wrong.

2. Besides, ask yourself are you too desperate? Are you anxious and scare people away when you take things too fast too soon? Is that you aren’t trying hard or just want the other person to do all the work? Or are you just bad at communicating your desires and feelings to another person?

3. Be vulnerable with your closest friend. This goes for both men and women. Ask your friend if you’re bad at dating or you just happen to have a bad luck finding good dates. Remember; don’t get defensive when your friend expressed his or her opinion. Instead, take some time off and think about it. You might find some wisdom in it.

4. Try a different dating scene. If online dating is making you frustrated, perhaps it’s time you try other alternatives to meet new people. Visit restaurants, bars, parties, sporting events, or local events and activities with friends. If you keep going to the same places, again and again, it’s very likely that you’ll get bored or angry because you have failed in bringing enough diversity in your social life.

5. Take some time off, relax and soothe your mind when your mood is down. Try getting involved in activities that will make you calm and comfortable. No rigorous exercise routines or screaming allowed. There a lot of ways you can do that; like taking several showers over the week, reading a good book or magazine, write a poem, have a barbecue, have a massage or a manicure, etc.

At some point, sooner or later, our emotions will hit rock bottom, while looking for a perfect mate. If you take a step back and be grateful for the positive events that happened in your life, then certainly you won’t feel bitter anymore and get back to the dating scene again. This time you won’t feel stressed or anxious about finding the right person for a lasting relationship.

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