What Does It Mean to Be “Ready” For a Relationship?

Relationships are beautiful, no doubt about it. But they are also complicated. It’s common to see new couples break up or end their relationship early on because one of the partners wasn’t “ready” to be in a committed relationship. They later move on, get back on the dating scene and search for someone who is actually ready. ..and then that person claims they aren't ready for a relationship either. The cycle gets repeated again. As a result, someone gets hurt all over again because they continue to fall for people who are not ready for a relationship. Here are some reasons you need to avoid people who claim they aren't ready for a relationship:

You Are Who You Attract

Have you ever thought that when you are looking for a partner, if anyone gets attracted to you, it’s because you want them to be attracted to you? You go after someone who keeps claiming they are not ready, and then you get hurt in the end. You are going for the wrong people. They aren’t ready for the responsibility of your feelings. They aren't prepared to deal with your personal and emotional baggage. In fact, you want them to dump you. Making yourself the victim doesn’t make you deserving of love. Instead, it looks like you are begging for love. It’s the kind of love that you can’t afford. Your partner isn’t ready for the emotions that you abandoned. They aren't willing to mend your broken heart.

Don’t run away from yourself or your emotions. Hoping to run away from the love that wasn’t meant to be for the right one won’t save you from yourself. You feel so ashamed of yourself that you want to be with someone who will consistently make you feel less ashamed. It’s impossible for people to find true love if they constantly hate or shame themselves.

You Need To Let Go Of Hate To Find Love

Love yourself. Yes, it sounds cliché. It surely is, but if you want to find real love, the first thing you need to do is to love yourself. We expect that you won’t put yourself in the same situation again and again. This is necessary if you are serious to see a different outcome; you have to change your attitude. Loving yourself is so important that people can’t stop talking about it, writing about it, giving talks about it, and even singing about it. But despite that, most us fail to see the true meaning of it, including you.

Someday, you will feel bad because you have lost the person that you loved so deeply, dreamed of being with forever, and building a future with, simply, because you were not ready. If you are in a relationship you visualize the future with your partner, everything becomes apparent to your senses. You are no longer blinded by love. You feel afraid and vulnerable. You fear losing your significant other because of your own insecurities. If you have loved yourself, you won’t need any reassurances of love from your next partner.

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