What Is “Micro-Cheating” and How Will It Ruin Your Relationship?

It seems like there are always new terms being created that refer to dating and relationships. Just recently we added “ghosting” and “cuffing” to the dating lexicon, but the latest love-life term is “micro-cheating.” What exactly is considered micro-cheating and how does it differ from just plain old cheating?

Micro-cheating refers to small actions that don't constitute the definition of what most people consider to be actual cheating. For instance, the vast majority of people consider sleeping with someone else to be straight-up cheating. Micro-cheating can be considering sleeping with someone else. One way to think of micro-cheating is to consider it all of those little actions that eventually lead up to full-on cheating. Other actions that would be considered micro-cheating are flirting with someone, commenting something flirty on someone's social media, or even exchanging text messages with someone you're attracted to.

Micro-cheating is often overlooked by people because it doesn't involve actual physical infidelity. While most people in a relationship could see past their partner committing these acts of micro-cheating, it's important to acknowledge that micro-cheating is actually the result of an underlying problem in the relationship. It is a sign that your partner is seeking validation and romantic fulfillment from someone other than yourself. Even if they have not engaged in any physical interaction with this person, they are still looking to this person for something that they should be looking to you for. It's also important to note that many cases of micro-cheating eventually lead to actual cheating. You may think it is trivial that your partner has flirted with someone else or left a flirty comment on someone's social media, but you should consider what these little actions may lead up to if they continue.

Anytime you use “micro” as a prefix, it implies that something is to such a small degree that it is inconsequential. When it comes to micro-cheating, the idea of it being inconsequential should be thrown to the wayside. Micro-cheating is actually an incredibly dangerous and disrespectful behavior that should be addressed right away to save your relationship in the long run.


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