What Is the “Seven-Year Itch” and How Can You Overcome It?

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Have you ever heard of the “seven-year itch?” The seven-year itch is a very common phrase in relation to marriages and long-term relationships that you've probably heard of at some point. In fact, there's even a classic Marilyn Monroe film named after it! So what exactly does the term mean?

The seven-year itch refers to the point in a marriage where both partners grow tired of one another and find themselves bored with the relationship. The name comes from the fact that this point typically occurs after seven years of being together. Obviously it doesn't have to be exactly seven years, but for many couples it falls around that time. At this point in the relationship, one or both partners fail to see the good in their relationship and are overcome with boredom.

You're probably wondering: What's wrong with this? We all experience a little boredom in relationships, right? Well, the seven-year itch is a little different than your typical love life boredom. After that long period of time spent together, the couple may find themselves totally sick of one another – to the point that they want to leave the relationship altogether. In fact, many cases of infidelity occur during this time because one or both partners feel desperate to experience the company of a new person. It's also no coincidence that many divorces occur exactly around this time.

Now, not every couple experiences the seven-year itch. If you don't consider yourselves lucky. It may be coming later on, or it may never come at all. With that said, if you're one of the many couples who is currently going through it, there is a way to fight it and not allow it to destroy your relationship…

As we explained earlier, the main component of the seven-year itch is boredom. The boredom leads to cheating. The boredom leads to divorce. So ultimately, you want to decrease the likelihood that you and your spouse will grow bored of one another. There are numerous things you can do to liven up your marriage again. This may include changing things up in the bedroom. See if your partner wants to try anything new to spark some more passion in your sex life. You can also try out a new hobby together. Whether it be a yoga class or going on bike rides, doing something together can help you re-build the bond you had in the early stages of your marriage. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you are putting in a sincere and honest effort so that your partner can see how much you really want to keep your marriage afloat.

With all that in mind, not every couple can overcome the dreaded seven-year itch. If you can really commit yourself to re-igniting the spark you once had, your odds look very good!

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