What To Do If Your Friends Don’t Like Your Partner

So your friends don't like your new partner. You’re really in love with this person, makes you happy and so far things are going okay. However, things start to go bad when you’re with your friends, and they aren’t supportive of your new partner and your new relationship. You find yourself that you’re spending a heck a lot of time with your buddies, defending your new found love interest and the relationship. You’re now thinking about leaving your friends for the sake of your new relationship but finding it hard to do so. So, what are you going to do?

Here are five ways to help you out why your friends don’t like your new partner:

1. Analyze the situation: Are your friends jealous of you? Are they envious of your partner? Does your new partner treat your friends with kindness and respect? Does your new partner flirtatious towards your buddies? Does your love interest attentive towards you? Does he or she respectful or complains in front of your pals? Try to understand the situation from your friends’ perspective and find out any possible evidence that makes your friends dislike your new partner.

2. Value their feedback: If you find that some of the information your friends said about your partner is true, then take it seriously and take steps how you can handle it. Also, try to get your friends feedback if your new partner’s bad behavior is affecting them in a negative way or else.

3. Question your partner: Does your partner pressure you to be with him or her and avoid your friends? Does your partner treat your with respect? Does he or she talk to you in a kind and loving way? Do you feel satisfied and responsible with your new relationship? If you see that your new spouse is rude to your buddies, then it’s your responsibility to handle the situation. Remember, if your new partner loves and cares about you, he or she will definitely be respectful towards your friends.

4. Question your friends: Did you find yourself in situations where your friends don’t want you to be close to your new partner? Do you threaten you that you will lose your friends or they won’t be hang out with you if you keep dating your new partner? At times your friends can become desperate and needy and want attention from you. It’s for this reason that all lines of communication open are necessary here. If you find that your friends are envious and jealous of you, then you’ve nothing but to tell them that it is what it is and eventually they have to accept it and be okay with it. If your friends genuinely care for you, they will get off your back.

5. Manage your time: If your complain to you that you aren’t spending much time with them, then try to work out a plan that can make your partner and your buddies happy at the same time. Don’t abandon your friends. If there’s a rift between your friends, fix it. Commit to spending some quality time with them.

If you’re in a relationship with someone new and your find that your friends don’t like, make it clear to them that it’s your life and they have to accept your decision, regardless if it’s right or bad for you.

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