What Your Favorite Beard Says About You, Because Scruff And Mountain Man Beards Mean Totally Different Things

Beards have started to have a life and their own personality just like as much as a handbag or a pair of shoes. Let's think a bit about it: would you ever mix up your Adidas with your Manolos? Or confuse your YSL for your Balenciaga? I don't think so. That's why when we talk about beards, and the men and women who love them, we have to differentiate. Have you ever thought about what your favorite beard says about your personality? Surprinsingly or not, your facial hair you all your spend time with reveal can a lot about you, too.

Unless you’ve been living at the bottom of the sea (and if you have been then you know the secret to survive underwater without oxygen), then chances are you know beards are hotter a bowl full of Red Hots. Clean-shaven may have been trending for a while, but #beards are back like #bigbooty and #badbitches.

However beards are much more than fuzzy face-warmers or lumbersexual status-symbols. This collection of facial hair is not just a bunch of dead skin cells conveniently placed around the mouth and cheeks. Scruff, mountain beards, groomed ones and retro goatees all come with different meanings — for him and you. Let’s delve into what your favorite man beard says about you.

1. Scruffy McScruff

You are absolutely sexy and most probably you know it. Scruffy is up on the latest trends and knows the best way to conceal his weak chin is with a light layer of stubble. It might scratch the hell out of your face after a little make out sesh, but you are determined to do anything for this good damn looks. Above anything, the look is what really matters. Mamacitas who fancy a 5 o'clock shadow are equally as trendy. The two of you enjoy reading fashion magazines (GQ for him and Elle for you) and getting pedicures together. Could anything be more romantic? No way Jose.

2. Balls Out Mountain Man Beard

We are talking here about a totes full on long-haired neared, the kind you can make a ponytail with. At times it seems a little feral and other times somewhat intimidating. Sure these men may look like an Appalachian escapee but so what? They don't care at all about this thing. They're just outdoorsy, wild, and rebellious, (unless the guy sporting said beard is Amish, in which case not so much). Ladies who like these guys are a little wild and free themselves, but still committed and steadfast. You don't mind getting a little dirty every now and then, but no matter what happens you will always stand by your partner.

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