What’s Preventing You From Being In A Relationship, You’re Meant To Have?

We all tell lies about a variety of things now and then, including in relationships and while dating someone. We assure ourselves that certain issues don’t bother us, or that is what we want to think. It’s natural and a human thing to do. But when it comes to dating and relationships, there are some little lies or myths should we say can crush a man's self-esteem and sabotage his chances at love with women and be in a committed relationship.

Here are three things most guys tell themselves that typically start out as small and harmless lies, but as time goes by, they can turn into big problems. Eventually, these problems will make you miss on true love, and that is a huge problem.

Myth #1: I must love myself first before being in a romantic relationship

Most people believe in this myth which tells that you have to love yourself before you can fall in love with someone else. As a result, guys, who are looking for a committed relationship don’t want to get romantically involved with anyone unless they’re filled to the brim with self-esteem and confidence, even if the opportunity comes along. This negatively impacts men in two ways. First, it’s impossible to predict the future and what will happen if you delay X until Y happens. Sometimes, the situation can become problematic, and it makes you feel remorse. Second, this way of thinking prevents men to view relationships as a medium which they can utilize to love themselves on a higher level.  A happy, healthy relationship can be that medium that can make you love yourself and thrive. What’s more surprising is that your significant other can teach you on how to love yourself better. Unless you are in a healthy and happy relationship, you can’t make this happen. Because, in a healthy, thriving relationship, this happens naturally.

Myth #2: It's weak to depend on a partner

Another lie most men, including women believe, is that they should not depend on their partners. This is mostly told by women, and it’s entirely understandable because they have been taken advantage of or have been let down in their previous relationships. Let’s be clear that by depending on your partner we aren’t telling you to cook for, clean for you, feed you or write your paycheck. We are talking about letting your guard down and enable your partner to love you deeply. When you’re in a happy, loving, and committed relationship, being dependent on your partner isn’t a bad thing, unless it’s a two-way street. If the dependency on your partner is genuine and authentic, it will allow your spouse to have your back, and that’s a clear path to have a happy and long-lasting relationship.

Myth #3: She'll change for me if I am good for her

Finally, the third lie most guys, who are dating or in a relationship think they can change their girlfriend they love if they love them deeply and good to them. Breaking free from this lie is the hardest and the most common. Many men believe that if they change themselves, their partners will follow suit, but that’s not the case. What they are actually doing is that they are more responsible for their spouse’s behavior or courting women who aren’t emotionally available.

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