Where the Boys Are: 10 Great Places To Meet Men

meeting men

The first step in dating is to actually meet someone that you want to date, but this is easier said than done. Meeting potential partners can feel impossible. Where do you even start? To help you out, we've got 12 great places to meet men. Check them out here:

1. Dating Sites

We know, we know. Everyone has probably suggested this to you already, but we're just going to confirm it: you should try dating sites. Dating sites are the simplest, quickest way to meet men. You can narrow your selection down to exactly what you're looking for and filter the results to your exact area. It's the very definition of dating made easy.

2. Friends and Family

This is the old-school way of meeting someone: having a friend or family member set you up! If your friends or family know of anyone that would be good for you, they can set you up on a date with them. Voila! Just makes sure your friends and family know what you're looking for in a partner!

3. Church

Church isn't for everyone, but if you do go to church, it's a great place to meet men. Plus, it lets you know right off the bat that you share the same religion, which is a big deal for some people.

4. Hobbies

Having a hobby is a great way to meet men. Maybe you like to take art classes or you like salsa dancing? Whatever your favorite past time is, you can meet a man who shares the same hobby as you.

5. School

School is one of the best places to meet men. If you're in college or taking night classes after work, you're likely to meet some great men who are trying to improve their lives.

6. Clubs and Bars

Clubs and bars might be the old standard when it comes to meeting men, but it's for good reason. A lot of people are there for the same reason: to meet someone. This means you're likely to meet a lot of single men who are looking to meet you!

7. Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to meet men and help your community at the same time. What more could you ask for?

8. Concerts

Concerts are not only insanely enjoyable, but also one of the best places to meet men. You'll know right off the bat that you two share the same taste in music – which is pretty important!

9. Dog Parks

Dog parks are a great place to meet men. You'll know that they love animals and that's a plus, right?

10. Museums

If you're looking for men who are more culturally well-rounded, then museums are a great place for you to meet men! You can strike up a conversation over a classic painting or statue, and before you know it you've been together for years.

meeting men

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